'Bulletstorm' Skillisode Episode 4

Bulletstorm Skillisode 4

So far, 9 of 135 possible Bulletstorm skill shots have been revealed. Now the folks at People Can Fly and Epic have brought out yet another skillisode for your maniacal viewing pleasure, featuring three more ways to dispatch enemies on an alien world. Even better, two more weapons have been revealed to help Grayson Hunt kill in twisted and comical ways.

Two new weapons have been revealed in this latest Skillisode, namely the Penetrator Drill Gun and the Headhunter Sniper Rifle.

The Headhunter's own little take on curving the bullet ramps it up a notch and allows players to detonate the bullet, allowing for some pretty fun ways to dispatch groups of enemies. The Penetrator, on the other hand, revisits using tools as powerful weapons, something seen as far back as Quake and as recently as Dead Space 2.

Check out the skillisode for all the details. It should go without saying that this is intended for mature audiences only.


The demo that was just released does not contain these weapons, unfortunately. But don't let that stop you from trying out the game and seeing for yourself the sheer ridiculousness of Bulletstorm. It works so well in the game's favor, you'll wonder why it wasn't made sooner. In fact, this fun factor is so important to Epic Games and People Can Fly that they released this particularly funny poke at the realistic shooters that have been such a large part of the market for the past few years.

There's just enough substance in Bulletstorm to make it a well-greased and functioning shooter, but it eschews the serious story and tactical mindset of many modern shooters and trades it in for a B-movie story and the old pastime of trying to get the high score.

With any luck, Bulletstorm might just do well enough to remind gamers that shooters are fun, and technology has only made the experiene of playing them more powerful. Also, that being capable of delivering boot kicks that launch people several feet back in order to shoot them with grenades attached to chains can be awesome.

Ranters, are you ready for a shooter that doesn't take itself so seriously? Or does Bulletstorm's symphony of ridiculousness just not apeal to you?

Bulletstorm raises hell on February 22, 2011, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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