New 'Bulletstorm' Screens Involve Substantially Less Killing

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Bulletstorm, the high-octane, over-the-top first person shooter from People Can Fly looks to be a game that blends the Epic Games' style of visceral carnage with the rewarding point system seen in most online components of shooters. The Bulletstorm trailers not only demonstrate its proclivity for carnage but also its beautiful landscapes. Some new screens for the game have just come in that are definitely worth a look.

As you can tell from the screens or from the box art, Bulletstorm is a game that is light on the hugs and kisses. With weapons that are way too large to be handled by your average human, carnage is absolutely on the menu and gamers will be dealing out a ton of it.

Throughout the game, players will encounter a myriad of enemies, some whose goal is only to be mere cannon fodder for your chain launcher while others, like the man-eating plants, are used more to the own player’s advantage.

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Visually speaking, Bulletstorm's graphics are crisp and beautiful. It is definitely the Epic style but with People Can Fly’s own brighter color palette shining through. Certain aspects of the background, while maybe pre-rendered and having no impact on your gameplay, look spectacular. Especially notable is the giant “wheel of death” which should make for a venerable retina feast. The game’s UI and display of points relative to destruction are clean and don’t seem to be cause for distraction.

Our early hands-on with Bulletstorm at E3 proved to be a mixed bag as the game’s premise and mechanics are unique and engaging but the execution we found to be a bit lacking. With Epic’s pedigree for delivering solid shooter experiences, both in house and out, there are certainly a ton of gamers out there salivating over the prospect of getting down and dirty with Bulletstorm. It’s slick, it looks great and it has over-the-top mayhem and destruction. What’s not to like?

What are your thoughts on these new screens for Bulletstorm? Does the over-the-top kills mixed with jaw dropping visuals entice you?

Bulletstorm is set for release February 22nd on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

Source: Joystiq

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