GR Pick: 'Bulletstorm' Red Ring of Death Easter Egg

GR Video Pick - Bulletstorm RROD Easter Egg

From the game’s mantra of “kill with skill” to the playful banter between teammates, Bulletstorm is a title that knows how to tickle a gamer’s funny bone. As a game that leans more towards the lighter fare, players expected that developer People Can Fly wouldn’t hold anything back when it came to creating a game that is as hilarious as it is visceral.

A clear indicator of their willingness to poke fun at video games as a whole, especially a certain console that will carry Bulletstorm, People Can Fly has included a tiny Easter egg interaction that makes light of a dark period of the Xbox 360’s past.

In a section of the game where the player is attempting to do nothing more than unlock a door, the malfunctioning passage breaks down without giving enough space to advance. Signifying that the door has broken down and is no longer functional is a symbol original Xbox 360 owners have become all too familiar with. That’s right, the door goes into good old red ring of death mode to indicate it is having some major issues. Hopefully the building owner can send it in to Microsoft in exchange for a refurbished version.

Since this video does contain footage from a Mature-rated game, view at your own discretion:


Clearly a playful jab at Microsoft and nothing more than that, especially considering Epic Games' close ties with the publisher and the Xbox 360 console, this Easter egg should get a laugh no matter what console the gamer is playing on. While this isn’t the first time that a game has taken its jokes to a very Meta level, Bulletstorm is one of the hot titles of the moment, and many gamers might want to keep an eye out for this clever little interaction.

It’s good to finally step outside of the whole red ring of death fiasco and be able to look back on it and laugh. With the introduction of the new Xbox 360 slim, gamers have enjoyed a much more problem free Xbox 360 experience, one where the red ring of death is no longer an issue.

Game Rant’s own Riley Little is currently hard at work on an in-depth review of Bulletstorm (one that was thankfully not plagued with any red rings of death), so stick tuned to the site to hear his thoughts on the game.

Bulletstorm is out now for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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