About a year ago, Square Enix announced its partnership with People Can Fly, the development studio behind the first-person shooter Bulletstorm, to reveal that the two were working together to create another new title in the coming years. Now, People Can Fly has decided to shed more light on the project by divulging the details that the forthcoming release from both of the companies is going to be a new “AAA shooter”.

This much was confirmed along with the declaration of the Bulletstorm developer expanding into two new studios, with People Can Fly announcing one location to be in Newcastle, the UK and the other in Rzeszów, which will be in its home country of Poland. According to People Can Fly CEO Sebastian Wojciechowski, the decision to open a new branch in Newcastle was done so “to attract not only local talent, but also to attract the best developers within the UK, with the goal there being “to grow to 20-30 developers within the next 12-18 months.”


According to Wojciechowski, the new studios in Newcastle and Rzeszów will work in tandem with People Can Fly’s existing location in Warsaw to contribute toward the development of the new AAA shooter. Unfortunately, though, the developer failed to offer any specific details in regards to the project, leaving fans’ ideas about the forthcoming game up to the imagination and with hopes that more information will come at E3 2018.

All things considered, it’s quite possible that a direct sequel to Bulletstorm is in the works, as People Can Fly recently put out a remastered version of the original game called the Full Clip Edition, proving that fans were still hungry for the title’s over-the-top combat and gunplay. Of course, we will simply have to wait and see what’s in store for People Can Fly and Square Enix’s forthcoming “AAA shooter” as the companies share more details at a later date.

Square Enix and the Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly have yet to officially announce the title of the new “AAA shooter”.

Source: People Can Fly