'Bulletstorm' Launch Trailer, Video of First Ten Minutes Arrives

Bulletstorm Launch Trailer First Ten Minutes Video

Today is a good day for those gamers who are unabashedly young, and a little bit raunchy, at heart. Bulletstorm, the love letter to crude violence from Epic Games and People Can Fly has hit store shelves. In case you needed a last bit of convincing to run out and grab your own copy, Epic has released a brand new launch trailer focusing on the game's story, and video of the action-packed first ten minutes of the campaign has made its way online.

The majority of players will likely be picking up Bulletstorm to try out the game's extensive skillshot system, and take on their friends in some over-the-top online game modes.

There's no question that the creative scoring mechanics the developers have cooked up is the game's biggest hook, but don't assume that shooting is all the game has to offer.

The previous trailers have shown that there really is a story to the game, following mercenary group Dead Echo on a quest for revenge after being betrayed and cut loose by their former commanding officer.

This latest launch trailer goes even heavier on the game's plot, and protagonist Grayson Hunt's mission to take vengeance on the cowardly General Sarrano.

Granted it's not a particularly new story, previously seen in The A-Team and The Losers. So while the tale of a tough-as-nails armed squad being betrayed by their higher-ups may not be a breath of fresh air, the environments of Bulletstorm certainly are. If plots aren't your thing, you'll be pleased to hear that the giant wheel of death also makes another appearance.

Take a look at the launch trailer, showing that General Sarrano is going to find out the hard way that you don't want to get on Dead Echo's bad side:


The trailer has everything: stunning visuals, smart ass comments, machismo, and even a verse out of a pirate chant. In case the launch trailer isn't enough to get you aching to take on hordes of cannibals and man-eating vegetation, we've also got video of the first ten minutes of the game.

The game doesn't waste any time getting into its adult content, so be warned that the following footage is from an M-rated game:


They certainly haven't left anything out, with drinking, mother jokes, space combat, and even a reference to the Xbox 360's red ring of death all within the first minutes of the campaign. If all it took was a glimpse of the squad walking down the side of a futuristic skyscraper to convince you that Bulletstorm is a unique title, we can't blame you.

It's hard to argue that the game isn't worth the purchase, since it also gives players access to the Gears of War 3 beta. All day-one deals aside, the future of the game look bright, and publisher EA has already announced the game's first DLC: the 'Gun Sonata Pack.' The package will bring three new maps to the game's Anarchy multiplayer mode, and two maps for the single-player Echo mode.

The addition of two leash upgrades on top of that shows that the publishers are doing everything they can to keep players from trading in their games. The Epic Edition's disc will also be required for access to the Gears 3 beta, and new copies will grant players $10 worth of otherwise-downloadable content. Giving players more is the best way to keep them happy, so EA is definitely moving in the right direction.

The $10 DLC won't arrive until this spring, but Bulletstorm is available now for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

What do you think of the game's opening? Does it kicking into high gear get you hooked right off the bat, or would you have preferred a bit more gameplay and fewer cutscenes? Let us know in the comments, in as creative a way as possible.

Source: CVG, Shacknews

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