Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Includes Playable Duke Nukem


Gearbox Interactive announces Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, the remaster to the 2011 shooter, with a Duke Nukem DLC included for those who preorder the game.

Since the release of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, remastered titles have become a hot commodity in the gaming world. Numerous developers have rereleased their most popular games with updated graphics, added content, and new features for gamers to enjoy.

Continuing that trend, People Can Fly and Gearbox Publishing announced Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, the remastered edition of the 2011 shooter. In the announcement, the team revealed Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition will come with improved graphics, hi-res textures, increased polygon counts, and smoother framerates. Additionally, PC and PS4 Pro players will enjoy the game in stunning 4K resolution.

Despite not being a financial success, many gamers will be happy to see Bulletstorm in high definition, along with the many bonuses coming with the game. Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition will include the original game, along with all previously-released DLC. Gearbox is also releasing new content for the game that will give players new experiences with the game. Check out the below trailer for a rundown of what’s coming with Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition.


Eagle-eyed viewers undoubtedly spotted a unique character in the above trailer. Duke Nukem, one of the most iconic shooter game characters in all of gaming, will be coming to Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition as part of a newly included DLC. In order for gamers to gain access to the Duke Nukem DLC, they’ll need to preorder Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, which is set to release April 2017.

Accodring to the announcement, Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition will come with all of the below:

  • The Total Package – All previously-released content including all maps, modes, and more on your favorite modern platform
  • New Overkill Campaign Mode – Blast your way through the campaign by starting with an unrestricted arsenal of weapons and Skillshots
  • New Echo Maps – Showcase your skills on six brand-new levels for the score-based Echo Mode
  • Killer Visuals – Presented with updated models, environments, and animations all running at a smoother framerate than ever before
  • The Art of Destruction – Orchestrate masterful kills by mixing fast-paced gunplay with unique kick, slide, and leash combos
  • Visceral Audio – Bask your ears in Skillshot glory with newly remastered audio effects
  • Duke Nukem’s Bulletstorm Tour – Pre-order the game and get the option to play through the entire Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition campaign as Duke Nukem, featuring a fully rerecorded script and brand-new lines from the original voice of Duke

For those new to Bulletstorm, the game takes place on a remote planet, where the main character, Grayson Hunt, and his team have crash landed. Hunt must save his team and get revenge against a commander who betrayed him. The game moves quickly, with players performing impressive kills using unique skills to earn rewards. Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition will give players even more opportunities to take down enemies in creative and fun way.

What do you think about the Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition trailer? Are you planning to pick up the remaster when it releases in the Spring?

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is set to release on April 7, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube

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