'Bulletstorm Epic Edition' Grants Access to 'Gears of War 3' Beta

Bulletstorm Weapons

Epic Games' Bulletstorm is almost ready for gamers to enjoy, complete with excessive vulgarity and over-the-top violence. Some gamers who own both an Xbox 360 and a PlayStation 3 may have been debating which platform to purchase the title for, but now the decision has been made a whole lot more obvious by the announcement of the Bulletstorm Epic Edition. This edition includes a few notable extras, but most importantly it will allow its owner to gain early access to the Gears of War 3 beta.

The question that has now popped into every reader's head is likely, "How much more does this Epic Edition cost?" Fortunately for Gears heads, the special edition of Bulletstorm will retail for $59.99, which just so happens to be the exact same price as a regular old generic copy of the game. PlayStation 3 owners may assume that they'll receive the special edition sans Gears 3 beta, but they'd be mistaken -- the Epic Edition is exclusive to the Xbox 360.

On top of early access to the Gears 3 beta, the Epic Edition of the game also offers players exclusive DLC "including 25,000 experience points, visual upgrades for their iconic leash, deadly Peace Maker Carbine, boots and armor."

President of Epic Games, Dr. Michael Capps, was jazzed about his company's upcoming 2011 offerings, and assured everyone that both Gears 3 and Bulletstorm are "for the shooter fans."

"Epic is poised to break new ground in 2011 with Gears of War 3 and Bulletstorm. With these two highly anticipated triple-A experiences comes a unique opportunity to do something to really excite players, and that's what we intend to accomplish with the support of Microsoft Game Studios and EA. This is for the shooter fans."

The Bulletstorm Epic Edition will be a limited-run, so fans who really want to get in on the Gears of War 3 beta should make sure they buy the game relatively early.

This is a smart move by Epic Games because there will be quite a few people who will purchase Bulletstorm just for the Gears of War 3 beta, and hopefully this will create what Game Rant likes to call the Crackdown Syndrome. For those who care to remember, the original Crackdown came packaged with the Halo 3 beta, and it sold like hotcakes as a result.

Has the addition of the Gears 3 beta enticed you to buy Bulletstorm? Are you bummed that the Epic Edition is a 360 exclusive?

Bulletstorm is scheduled to explode onto shelves on February 22, 2011, on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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