Bulletstorm Demo Release Date In Less Than Two Weeks!

Bulletstorm Demo Weapons

Can't wait to get your hands on People Can Fly and Epic Games' upcoming post-apocalyptic nightmare, Bulletstorm? You're in luck as EA has announced that the Bulletstorm demo will land on January 25th.

As an added bonus, the games publisher EA has also revealed that by playing through the one-level demo, you will unlock features in the retail game.

The Bulletstorm demo is set to hit both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace on January 25th 2011. The demo itself will feature a level in which you guide one of the game's protagonists, Hunt, through a ruined building. In this building you will be armed with achieving as high a score as possible by whatever means you deem necessary. Depending on how you choose to play, you can either play the level like it were a traditional FPS or you can play using as many of the 45 special moves to increase your final score.

The overall aim of the game is to maim, blast and dismember your way to the level's ending in a way that gains you the most score. Achieving set scores will earn players a special bonus that will be unlocked upon Bulletstorm's release and will aid you in completing the main game. This will come in the form of what EA calls "Optimizations."

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Developed by Epic Games, Bulletstorm is a First Person Shooter that promises a unique experience for veterans of the shooting genre, with the mantra "Kill, with Skill". The game features a unique gameplay system by which the player is scored not just on the number of kills but how they kill.

Gamers are rewarded for headshots or stylised kills rather than racking up the body count, with a large collection of 'special moves' that will aid in this quest. Choosing your weapon is a vital part of the game if you want to achieve the highest score possible. Epic has also showcased the game's humor in a recent trailer which satires Halo 3's most famous ad. Clearly, EA and Epic Games have high aspirations for Bulletstorm if they are making such comparisons and with what has been presented so far of the title, who can blame them?

We got hands-on time with Bulletstorm at last year's E3 event and suffice to say, we were highly impressed with the gameplay offered. As we found out during our play-through of the game, killing without skill leads to a much less impressive score and while you can actively choose to ignore this aspect of the game, it does remove some of its more impressive features.

Are you looking forward to Bulletstorm? Will you be willing to give the demo a try or are you already set on buying the game at launch?

Bulletstorm is to be released on February 22nd to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms. Xbox 360 owners will also be able to use their copy of Bulletstorm to gain access to the Xbox 360 exclusive beta of Gears of War 3, also developed by Epic Studios.

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