Bulletstorm Had To Overcome Console Memory Constraints

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The developers behind the up and coming FPS Bulletstorm have revealed that they were having some heavy issues with the console versions of the game due to lack of memory. The PC version ran smooth as silk, but they said they had to "fight" with the consoles to overcome the lack of memory.

However, fight as they did, they seem to have come out on top; the boss at People Can Fly (Adrian Chmielarz) announced that the game will look and work just as wonderfully on the PS3 and Xbox 360 as it did on the PC.

In a recent interview, Adrian had this to say about the situation with the game:

"That's the funniest thing. It's not the console power that we're fighting the most - it's the memory. And it doesn't matter if it's PS3 or 360. It's that we have so much content, we're struggling to just fit it all in - like half a Gig of memory."

"And then you minus the operating system and everything else and suddenly you're left with: 'What? One texture? What are you talking about?'"

"Every day I see people playing on console, I ask if one of our team can show me the game on console and they're like: 'Erm, I'm playing on PS3, dude.' The other guys play 360 - same thing. We represent Epic and Unreal Engine with this game, so we better step up, right? We better do something cool with the visuals. It's on and off: Sometimes we push PS3 when we want to reach a certain milestone, sometimes it's 360, sometimes it's just PC. It's a mix of everything."

It is interesting to see that it is not the power of the consoles that is being struggled with, but the available memory. Seems easy enough to fix, right? Or is it that the consoles are becoming obsolete so soon?

Rumors have been flying around that the next gen consoles are not far around the corner, only a mere two or three years away. Is this the foreboding of the fast approaching doom of this gen's consoles? Not too long ago Crytek had said that they, too, were having big problems cramming their game Crysis 2 onto consoles.

Do you think that Bulletstorm's issues may be leading towards this gen's consoles becoming obsolete, or is it a mere hurdle that the PS3 and Xbox360 will jump over and continue past?

Bulletstorm is currently scheduled to release February 22, 2011, for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Source: CVG

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