'Bulletstorm' Features Four Player Co-Op Mode 'Anarchy', No Versus

Bulletstorm - Four Player Cooperative Mode 'Anarchy'

From what's been shown of Bulletstorm so far, with all of its fast paced action and brutality, it would be easy to assume the game would include some sort of versus multiplayer. Not so, apparently, as developer People Can Fly have decided that Bulletstorm's combat does not lend itself to direct confrontation with opposing human players. Instead Bulletstorm will feature a four player co-op mode titled 'Anarchy', where players must strive to reach certain score milestones in order to progress.

In an interview with the PlayStation Blog, Cliff Bleszinski details the new cooperative mode a little more specifically:

"Well we have this cooperative mode called Anarchy, which has four players online take on wave after wave of enemies coming at you. You have to get to a certain score in order to proceed, and the way you to that is by not only doing cool skill shots, but cooperative skill shots. Team up, take out enemies in a creative fashion, buy cool stuff, repeat."

The way Bleszinski uses the term "wave" basically confirms that this new multiplayer mode takes queues from Gears of War's Horde mode. Where previously gamers would simply battle waves of enemies, fighting to survive, now expectation are flipped sideways and players have to instead score more and more points to continue. It's certainly a unique and exciting idea, and perfectly fitting for Bulletstorm's unique combat style.

Check out PlayStation Blog's full interview, which has some more background and details regarding Bulletstorm:

Anarchy absolutely sounds exciting, and there's no fault in focusing on it for Bulletstorm's multiplayer. It's still a shame that there will be no versus combat. Imagine a fast paced combat scenario where you can leash a friend towards you and then kick them into a cactus. Or on the other side, imagine being leashed into the air, turning and hitting your enemy with a perfectly aimed grenade chain. If People Can Fly could make versus work, they might have made the next big multiplayer game. But, I digress.

Are you excited about Bulletstorm's four player cooperative mode, Ranters? Do you think this is a stronger multiplayer choice, for Bulletstorm's combat system? Or do you agree with me in that a versus mode holds a great amount of potential?

Bulletstorm is slated for a February 22 release for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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