With the latest batch of Skillisodes, the casual observer may think that Bulletstorm is nothing more than a toolkit for mindless destruction, but luckily Epic Games‘s design director Cliff Bleszinski is showing that crazed waters run deep. With the series of videos released in the lead up to Epic and People Can Fly‘s playground shooter, the minds behind the madness are showing that just because their game showcases lewd behavior and debauchery, it doesn’t make them monsters. Not complete monsters, anyway.

Sure, it’s understandable for someone to see a Christmas tree decorated with the corpses of murderous cannibals and think that the game in question has few redeeming qualities. But maybe we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

We’ve seen just how much of the creative team’s own unique personality has made its way into Bulletstorm, but perhaps it was something higher that created a game so low-brow. With the series entitled ‘Bulletpoints,’ Epic gives us a glimpse into the hearts and souls of those who have crafted the game, and the view is interesting to say the least.

They may not be of the same thought-provoking nature as Jack Handy’s musings, but they’re definitely up there. Have a look at the videos, and get to know the people behind the credits of Bulletstorm. For those unfamiliar with Epic, it goes without saying that they’re intended for adult viewers:






Even in these tough economic times, humor seems to be alive and well at the offices of Epic and People can Fly. It should promise good things for the game, since crude humor can only go so far. We know just how lewd and rude the game’s content will be thanks to the ESRB, but if the game has a genuinely strong sense of humor then it stands a better chance of elevating beyond mindless fun.

Nothing is sacred to the developers, having taken shots at both Halo 3 and Call of Duty, so Bulletstorm may turn out to be the most fun experience we’ve seen in years.

We’ll see how much heart Bulletstorm wears on its blood-soaked sleeve when it releases for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on February 22, 2011.