'Bullet Soul' Confirmed as Region Free

Bullet Soul 5pb Games

Players who may still be wondering if Bullet Soul from 5pb Games would be region free will be happy to hear this particular piece of confirmation - the game will indeed be region-free upon its release.

Bullet Soul is an Xbox 360 exclusive title that many players thought would only be playable on Japanese 360 consoles.

The game is a vertical shoot-em-up type title that features characters designed by Akio Watanabe who is behind the anime, Bakemonogatari. Super Star Soldier actually served as the inspiration for 5pb Games when they developed Bullet Soul.

Players start off the game with three characters, and three ships, available to use but there will be hidden characters to unlock as well. Like similar games in the shooter genre, the game will feature online leaderboards, 16:9 widescreen support, and the ability to share a another gamer's replay data,.

There is a trailer for the game that displays the insane fast shooter action that might give the impression of "Galaga On Steroids."

Check out the trailer below:


There is so much going on in the trailer that it could be difficult to keep up with it all - but that could be the whole point of the game. Facing off in either the game's offline or online modes, Bullet Soul may prove to be a challenge to all gamers who are brave enough to play it.

Bullet Soul could be a game that resonates with old and new shooter fans, but that will remain to be seen until the game is actually released. What other Japanese-only games would you like to see released region-free?

Let us know with your thoughts and comments below!

Bullet Soul is scheduled to be released on April 7, 2011 for the Xbox 360.

Source: Siliconera

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