Build-A-Bear is Now Selling An Adorable Snorlax Plush

Pokemon Snorlax anime

Build-A-Bear Workshop has added a new Pokemon plush to their online store, adding the giant sleeping Pokemon Snorlax to the growing selection of Pokemon that can be purchased from the company.

Snorlax is far from the first Pokemon to be added to the Build-A-Bear roster, with popular Pokemon like Pikachu and Squirtle being available for a while now. The Build-A-Bear variety of these plushes offer a bigger and often cuddler version of the pocket monsters over Pokemon Center plushes, and are generally easier to purchase.

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The Build-A-Bear Snorlax Bundle comes with the Snorlax plush and some pajamas to dress it up with to match the Pokemon's sleepy nature. The plush also comes with a sound-box that plays five different Snorlax noises. Finally, buyers will get an exclusive promotional Pokemon Trading Card Game card. This bundle is only available here on Build-A-Bear's website and costs $57.00. At this time, the Build-A-Bear Snorlax is only available as a bundle, so those only interested in the plush will, unfortunately, have to get the entire bundle.

Snorlax is a popular monster in Pokemon, spawning all sorts of merchandise for the big, cuddly creature. This Gen 1 Pokemon, in particular, has also received a lot of other collectibles and merchandise, from gigantic bean bag chairs to comfy hoodies and more. Snorlax is also so popular, in fact, that it caused a stampede of Pokemon GO players trying to catch it in Taiwan.


While it's always nice to have more Pokemon merchandise, the price for this Snorlax does seem a little high. Oddly enough, though, this bundle is on the lower end of the price scale compared to other Build-A-Bear bundles. The Eevee Build-A-Bear bundle is $63, while most of the other bundles come in at $61, like the Squirtle bundle. Those prices are comparable to plush prices on Pokemon's official merchandise store, the Pokemon Center, but those plushes are not part of a bundle with multiple items.

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Source: Build-A-Bear

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