Build-a-Bear Adds Another Starter Pokemon to Toy Options

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With the prior releases of Pokemon toys at Build-a-Bear being extremely successful, it comes as no surprise that another is on the horizon. Build-a-Bear and Nintendo have now revealed the next Pokemon starter to come to the customizable toy store, this time adding Squirtle to the line-up.

Squirtle will be available both in Build-a-Bear stores and on its website, with differing price points and offerings. For gamers who visit their local Build-a-Bear store, they'll find a basic Squirtle plush for $28, which can be equipped with an Ultra Ball hoodie for an extra $10.50. Online buyers can purchase a more deluxe edition, which includes the Squirtle plush, Ultra Ball hoodie, a Poke Ball rain coat, an exclusive Pokemon TCG card, and a sound chip that enables Squirtle to talk. With the exception of the basic plush and Ultra Ball hoodie, all of these accessories are exclusive to the online store. The online version will sell for a whopping $60, and if it follows in the footsteps of prior Build-a-Bear Pokemon releases, it's likely to sell out quickly. Both versions will be available simultaneously on June 1st, with stores in the US, UK, and Canada all selling Squirtle.

Prior Pokemon toys to be released at Build-a-Bear have included Pikachu, Eevee, and Charmander. Although there's no telling when it will happen, based on the current line-up, it seems likely that the next entry to the Build-a-Bear Pokemon collaboration will be Bulbasaur, the last starter Pokemon from Pokemon Red and Blue.

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Although the year of Pokemon is officially over now, that hasn't slowed down the iconic series at all. Pokemon fans have recently been teased with the possibility of a Pokemon Sun & Moon port to the Nintendo Switch, as well as announcements regarding a new card game by The Pokemon Company for mobile devices. Pokemon GO is still alive and well, too, with fresh events being revealed regularly that have resulted in hundreds of millions of new Pokemon captures.

Squirtle will likely be a welcome addition to Pokemon fans' toy collections, although it's a shame that Build-a-Bear missed the opportunity to include Squirtle's iconic sunglasses from the original anime series as an accessory. While $60 for a toy plush and a few accessories might seem a bit high for some Pokemon fans, it's a fairly typical price for "deluxe" Build-a-Bear offerings, so fans of the toy store will probably be unfazed by the cost.

Squirtle will be available online and at Build-a-Bear stores starting on June 1st.

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