EA Sports reveals that Bruce Lee will be returning to the UFC franchise, with the iconic martial arts star announced as part of the roster for EA Sports UFC 2.

Fighting games can find huge success through much-wanted special additions to their character rosters. Whilst this is often seen in the likes of Mortal Kombat, with Mortal Kombat X including an Alien Xenomorph and Leatherface as DLC characters, the same can also be said for titles that are more grounded in real-world combat. EA Sports’ upcoming UFC 2 is certainly adding a top dollar name to its playable character list, as it had now been confirmed that Bruce Lee will be part of the roster.

The next iteration of EA Sports UFC is set to contain the iconic martial arts star, following on from his previous appearance in 2014’s original game. The news was revealed by Electronic Arts in a post over on the EA Sports website. The update stated that EA Sports is “once again honored to include Bruce on our roster of in-game fighters,” describing the star as “one of the most gifted, dangerous and charismatic martial artists in history.”

EA Sports also explained exactly how players can unlock Lee in-game, offering up three paths to the martial artist. Players who already own the original EA Sports UFC will be able to play as Lee on release, whilst those new to the franchise can also unlock lee through beating the game’s career mode. Finally, EA Access subscribers can play as Lee by simply downloading EA Sports UFC from The Vault and logging in to the online servers.

UFC Bruce Lee Announcement

Bruce Lee is not going to be the only fighting legend to make their way into UFC 2, however. EA Sports has confirmed that Mike Tyson, Bas Rutten, and Kazushi Sakuraba will also make appearances in the upcoming title. These players act as a bonus for those who want to pre-order the game, but can also be unlocked through beating the game’s career mode.

The EA Sports UFC 2 roster has managed to garner a rather large amount of controversy so far. First, Ronda Rousey appeared to be the latest victim of the EA Sports cover curse, losing her title bout with Holly Holm. Meanwhile, CM Punk’s high overall rating, in spite of the combatant never taking part in a professionally-sanctioned fight, led to a furious Twitter spat.

The addition of Bruce Lee to the game roster, along with the other legends, is no doubt going to prove popular with fans of the franchise. Lee was an obvious fan favorite in his initial appearance in the series, and the reintroduction of the martial artist is certainly worthwhile. Let’s see how well he fares against his digital rivals when the game is released.

EA Sports UFC 2 is going to launch of March 15, 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: EA Sports