GR Pick [Video]: 'The Brothers Mario' Trailer

The Brothers Mario

Since 1981, the Mario Brothers have battled through mystical worlds with mushrooms, dinosaurs, crazy green pipes and more coin than Bill Gates.

Now, a recent film directed by the Country Club has put the brothers in a new light - shattering any preconceptions gamers might have imagined before.

Mario and Luigi have been peddling shrooms for over 30 years, and now King Koopa is ready to take out the competition.

Would the Mario brothers sit idly by as their business is being compromised? Of course not. With the help of some toadstools, the brothers meet with the goombas and take their haul.

"There must be a million coins here, enough to buy a new life," says Luigi.

"Enough to buy 10,000 lives," Mario replies.


Bowser is not one to be trifled with, and would capture Princess Peach in vengeance for his lost men and coins. No longer would Mario and Luigi be trapped in their mushroom induced fantasy world, as they must battle in this new tale against the King of Koopas. Although The Country Club directors, Nathan Kitada and Aaron T. Umetani, may not have created a Lego stop action Call of Duty: Black Ops film, their apparent knowledge of the game shows what the Mario-based movie really could have been like.

The Brothers Mario

The Brothers Mario features original music, but the visuals appear to have been created using some sort of Grand Theft Auto mod. The custom character graphics make its exact origins hard to place. It will be interesting to see how The Country Club created this.

Now that you know what The Brothers Mario are truly like, do you want to see more? Now if you will excuse me, princess, I have some other castles to search.

[Update: Brothers Mario 2 Video Now Available!]

Source: The Country Club

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