Twitch Streamer BrookeAB Taking Break After Threats

twitch streamer brookeab taking break after threats

21 year old BrookeAB is a rising star on Twitch, having just started streaming last year but already earning enough to focus on streaming as her full-time job. However, it seems as though BrookeAB's increase in popularity has had some unfortunate consequences, as the Twitch streamer has received multiple threats and is now taking a break from the game streaming site.

BrookeAB released a statement announcing her Twitch hiatus on Twitter. In her statement, BrookeAB explains that she has received "multiple threats" where someone has said they would release her full name, phone number, address, and other personal information (a practice called doxxing). BrookeAB has kept some of her personal details secret in an effort to maintain privacy.

As explained in her statement, BrookeAB doesn't even know what she did to upset people so much to threaten her and her family's safety. She encourages anyone with more information to reach out to her, and also confirmed that all of the threats are being reported to the proper authorities.

Luckily for fans of the Twitch streamer, BrookeAB offered an idea of when she will be returning to streaming. BrookeAB will be attending the Fortnite World Cup in New York from July 26 to July 28, and she said that she will start streaming again sometime after that. However, an exact BrookeAB Twitch return date wasn't revealed.

It may be wise for BrookeAB to fight to keep details of her personal life secret. Twitch streamers have been targeted in the past by people who know their personal information, sometimes putting their lives in danger by "swatting" them. Other Twitch streamers have had their homes attacked directly, like DrDisRespect, whose house was shot at while he was live-streaming.

When BrookeAB does return to streaming, it will be interesting to see if her channel gets a boost. In the past, we've seen other Twitch streamers experience a significant uptick in viewers after taking a break, and it's possible the same will happen for BrookeAB. Maybe she will return to Twitch by streaming with another popular streamer, as her streams with the likes of Turner "Tfue" Tenney and Symfuhny have helped to boost her popularity on the platform.

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