Wil Wheaton & Elijah Wood Voicing Characters in ‘Broken Age’

By | 3 years ago 

While the VGX are chugging away in an… interesting fashion, those who backed the Double Fine Kickstarter Broken Age have been treated today with a rather lovely surprise. Actually, there are two surprises. The game which originally asked for $400,000 ended up surging past that mark and accumulated over $3,300,000, changing the video game landscape and bringing mainstream attention to crowdfunding for games development.

Now that the game’s designer Tim Schafer and the rest of the Double Fine team dedicated to Broken Age have had time to get down to actually putting the game together, backers are beginning to see the rewards for what they worked so hard to sow.

Prior to the awards show, fans caught a glimpse of what their money afforded as it was announced that Wil Wheaton would voice Curtis, the hipster lumberjack. Schafer reveals it was one of the first characters that was designed for the game. He was cut orginally but so many fans wanted to know where he had gone, that the developer decided that they had to include him.

Elijah Wood Broken Age

During the VGX, Schafer appeared on stage to showcase some gameplay and spent some time talking to hosts Joel McHale and Geoff Keighley about the game’s male lead Shay, which is set to be played by Elijah Wood. The character has spent his entire life living on a space station under the dotting artificial intelligence. Both nerd favorite’s are of course being be joined by  the previously announced Jack Black.

It was also revealed that the first part of Broken Age would be out in January but Shafer didn’t confirm when fans might expect part 2 to land.

Broken Age is confirmed for a DRM-free release on Mac, iOS, PC, Android, Linux & Steam platforms. The first part of the game releases in January and part two releases later in 2014.