Jack Black Headlines ‘Broken Age’ Voice Cast

By | 3 years ago 

With Double Fine Studios’ supremo Tim Schafer sitting on a Scrooge McDuck-like fortune in crowdfunded cash, you could be forgiven for wondering just how the point-and-click pioneer intended to utilize Double Fine’s newly acquired earnings. A veteran developer of countless critical and commercial successes, Schafer’s latest project, titled Broken Age, outdid all expectations last March, when it raised over 3 million dollars in player-backed pledges.

Following the announcement of the game’s veteran voice cast on Monday, virtual investors are being given an all-new opportunity to check out their cash in action — at least in an acoustic sense. The game’s latest trailer features Broken Age’s cast of familiar voiceover artists hard at work in bringing Schafer’s latest creation to life.

The familiar ensemble includes:

  • Jack Black as ‘Harm’ny Lightbeard’
  • Richard Horvitz as ‘The Space Weaver’
  • Nick Jameson as ‘Marshall Dune’
  • Jennifer Hale as ‘Mom’
  • Kristen Sarkisian as ‘Rocky’
  • David Kaufman as ‘Marek’
  • Catherine Cavadini as ‘Car’l’
  • John Cygan as ‘Spoon’
  • Hynden Walch as ‘Ch’t’
  • Kate Higgins as ‘Yarn Pal no.2’
  • Jamieson Price as ‘Rommel’
  • Cree Summer as ‘Teledoor’
  • Grey DeLisle as ‘Levina’

The project marks the second collaboration between funny men Schafer & Black, with the latter having already contributed his voice (as well as elements of his own hard-rocking persona) to 2009’s Brutal Legend. Jennifer Hale is well known to gamers, as well as fans of animation, for her work as KOTOR’s Bastila Shan, Mass Effect’s ‘FemShep,’ & X-Men’s Jean Grey, while Horvitz, Summer, DeLisle & Jameson have all appeared in previous Schafer-headed efforts also.

Jack Black may be a costly, marquee-type attraction, but given his typically zany, full throttle turn in Brutal Legend the additional cost appears to be money well spent here, even for a game production that’s suffered from multiple stages of financing woes and delays. Just how Schafer will go about apportioning out the rest of his funds is, as yet unknown – with the normally pleasant designer having already ducked questions over his handling of the project back in July.

Broken Age Voice Cast Header

For those who managed to miss out on the game’s initial Kickstarter success story, developer Double Fine are now offering latecomers two flavours of pre-order incentive. $15 nabs players a copy of the game, including early access to the title’s upcoming Beta build, while $30 grants gamers access to 2 Player Productions’ ongoing documentary series charting the game’s creation. Additional perks include entry into the exclusive Broken Age backer’s forum, as well as a special selection of developmental tidbits (think concept art, early character builds etc.) for higher spending sponsors.

Late-arriving adventure gamers have already contributed an additional $157,000 in pre-release revenues; swelling Broken Age’s stunning $3.3 million haul in crowdfunding efforts.  Together with $10,000 in generous, ‘no strings attached’-style donations, Tim Schafer’s studio has already eclipsed its prospective four-hundred grand goal by nearly 9 times, with no end of potential earnings in sight.

Are you excited for Broken Age? What kind of assurances/ incentives would tempt you to back a Kickstarter project? Where would you like to see Schafer’s additional resources spent? Have your say in the comments below, check out the game’s first trailer here, or read up on the studio’s next big game: Massive Chalice.

Broken Age is confirmed for a DRM-free release on Mac, iOS, PC, Android, Linux & Steam platforms. A concrete release date has yet to be announced.