At last week’s PAX East event we learned the Double Fine Adventure Game’s official: Broken Age. In addition to announcing an official title for the Kickstarter-funded project, the Costume Quest developer also unleashed a new trailer, which we have for you above.

Double Fine also talked a little bit more about the general concept of the game — what ideas they planned to tackle, and how the overall experience work. But really, this was the first opportunity to see the game in motion, if only in trailer form.

The game features an art style that is rather unique, but still well within the Double Fine wheelhouse. There are some similarities to Psychonauts and Stacking in there, but it doesn’t feel like Double Fine is ripping themselves off whole cloth.

In the trailer, we see a young boy and a young girl, living in what appear to be two completely different universes. While the girl’s world is whimsical and more reminiscent of the past, the boy’s is more technologically focused with some odes to the Jetsons thrown in.

At their PAX panel, Double Fine explained that the two main characters are living parallel lives. While the girl must deal with her village being sacrificed to a monster, the boy must attempt to escape the clutches of a domineering computer.

For a teaser trailer, the Broken Age footage works well — selling the game’s general design and creating a mood that is intriguing. That being said, we would love to see more of the actual gameplay to get a true sense for how “adventure-y” of an experience this title is.

Broken Age Trailer

It’s amazing to think that less than a year ago Double Fine was shattering Kickstarter records with only the promise of a game that calls back to the heyday of point-and-click adventure games. And now we’re seeing all of that money bare real fruit.

Backers of the project have already seen the project slowly come together (behind-the-scenes updates were part of the Kickstarter’s reward program), but this is the first time we’ve actually seen Broken Age. And the game looks good.

What do you think of Broken Age, Double Fine’s new adventure game? Was this the type of game you were expecting when the Kickstarter was announced?

Broken Age is targeting a Q2 2013 release on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.