'Broken Age' Comes To Vita & PS4 Day & Date With PC

Broken Age Complete Adventure PS4 Vita

For all intents and purposes, Double Fine Studios delivered on their promise to recapture the magic of point and click adventures with Broken Age, but they did so with an incomplete product. Act 1 was a great start for the crowdfunded PC title, featuring an intriguing story, tremendously well-realized characters, and brilliant puzzles, but we can't put a final stamp of approval on the game until Act 2 releases.

Unfortunately, Double Fine has already confirmed that Broken Age: Act 2 will not make its previously announced 2014 release date, but instead will be delayed until some time in 2015. But, that delay appears to have been for good reason, as today Double Fine has revealed Broken Age: The Complete Adventure for PS4 and Vita.

As the name would suggest, Broken Age: The Complete Adventure features both acts as a cohesive whole. More importantly, this console and handheld release will coincide with the launch of Act 2 on PC, meaning PS4 and Vita owners will be able to catch up on the Broken Age story seemingly without missing a beat.

We'd still argue that those who have the ability to play Broken Age on a PC should go that route, as the game's mechanics lend themselves perfectly to mouse and keyboard. Although the Vita could be the perfect vessel for a game like this.

Although they weren't the biggest "gets," Sony was able to show a renewed dedication to the indie scene at their PlayStation Experience. Sure, the Keynote began with an impressive Uncharted 4 demo, but it included plenty of smaller announcements as well. Bringing games like Bastion and Gang Beats to their platforms not only helps increase those titles' profiles, it also shows the PlayStation platform is all encompassing. In essence, Sony is doing for indies and PC-only titles, what Microsoft did with the Xbox 360.

Regardless of that, we're happy to see Broken Age get some more exposure because it truly is a throwback to the point-and-click adventures of yesteryear. And with the Vita's touch controls it could become yet another killer app for Sony's handheld.

Are you excited to hear Broken Age is coming to PS4 and Vita? Do you think the PlayStation Experience helped Sony prove they're more than just triple-A?

Broken Age: Act 2 and Broken Age: The Complete Adventure will release some time in 2015 for PC, PS4, and Vita.


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