Brock Lesnar Is A Playable Character in ‘WWE 12’ [UPDATED]

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Every year THQ releases a new WWE video game and this year’s installment will be seeing a few noticeable changes — mainly THQ dropping the SmackDown! vs. Raw moniker — but from the various amounts of hands-on time we’ve had with the game we can assure you that all of the changes will make WWE 12 one of the best wrestling games ever released.

While there is quite a bit new in terms of gameplay, it’s the roster that past and present fans look to in making their purchase decision. The entirety of WWE 12‘s roster was revealed a little over a month ago, but now THQ is adding a few more stars to the game, including former WWE and UFC World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar.

As wrestling fan site Lords of Pain reports, the UFC and WWE allegedly came to terms on a deal a few months ago, and the result is that Brock Lesnar will finally be returning to a WWE ring — albeit only in a video game. There was only one major stipulation that the folks at Yuke’s had to adhere to, and that was that Lesnar could not appear as a UFC athlete.

“UFC approved of Lesnar’s inclusion in the game on the condition that he was presented as a wrestler and not a mixed martial artist.”

To further confirm Brock Lesnar’s appearance in WWE 12, UFC president Dana White has issued a statement that confirms he gave the thumbs up on the deal. Word is that Lesnar was approached back in January about appearing in the game and he was “ecstatic over the idea”, but he had to seek Dana’s blessing — which he received.

“I love WWE and I have nothing but love for Vince McMahon — I’m totally okay with Brock being in the game.”

This writer isn’t at all surprised and we even put Lesnar on our list of one of the Top 10 Legendary Wrestlers that Should Appear in WWE 12. Promotional videos of Brock Lesnar’s appearance in WWE 12 are said to be hitting tomorrow, so be sure to check back within the next 24 hours to see if those hit.

The only real question is whether or not the current UFC fighter will be included on-disc or be made available as a downloadable add-on at a later date.


THQ has revealed that Brock Lesnar will take the last spot on the WWE roster. Players will be able to unlock him after reaching a certain point in the new WWE Universe mode. He’s also rated a 92, which ranks him amongst some of the best wrestlers that appear in the game.

The former champion will also retain the move set he established in his WWE days, which means that the devastating F5 will be making its return along with Lesnar. We may never see Brock inside a WWE ring ever again, so anyone who have been following wrestling for the past decade should be quite content with the return of ‘The Next Big Thing’.


Now that you’ve watched the ‘Here Comes the Pain’ reveal trailer for WWE 12, feel free to browse through some new screenshots that feature the updated Lesnar in action against current WWE Superstars.

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Source: Lords of Pain

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