Bethesda Takes Aim With 'Brink' Pre-Order Bonus Deals

Brink Trailer and Pre-Order Bonus Deals

The game isn’t due out until next spring, but that isn’t stopping Bethesda from hyping their upcoming first-person shooter, Brink. Being Developed by Splash Damage, the game will have several different pre-order bonus packages available, each exclusive to specific venues.

These pre-order treats will all include special weapons and customization options for your character:

  • The Psycho bundle, available through Amazon and Direct2Drive: includes the Caesar Revolver, tortured soul tattoo, several silencers and a Grin Face Mask (reminiscent of Scarecrow from the Batman universe).
  • The Spec Ops bundle, through Steam: contains a hockler pistol, Sloani face mask, dog tag tattoo, and greeneye scope.

Saving the best for last, arguably the most mouth-watering pre-order bonuses will be carried by the big boys: Best Buy and Gamestop.

  • Best Buy pre-orders get the Fallout pack: includes special tattoos, skinned SMGs, a bandanna and more.
  • Gamestop gets the Doom pack: A screaming soul tee, special SMG skins, a Doom bandanna, and a Hellspawn tattoo.

This just sounds like good marketing to me. Bethesda is starting the hype machine and getting their game out there in the public’s eyes. As we saw at E3 this year, there are a lot of good shooters coming our way in the near future and Bethesda needs to make their case as to why their game is the best bang for your buck. Also, these pre-order deals are very common these days. What is unique here is that they are utilizing more venues than most publishers commonly use, and the announcement is a little early, in my opinion.

The timing is why I think this could be a risk for Bethesda. They first announced these pre-order deals at QuakeCon this year, for a game that is not due until next Spring. That is the better part of a year, and a lot can happen in that time. This game has already been delayed twice, it could be delayed again. Still, as they say, there is no such thing as bad press, and hype leads to lots of press. Bethesda is doing a good job of getting their title talked about.

So, Ranters, what do you think of these Brink pre-order goodies? Do these deals entice you to pre-order, or can you wait to pull the trigger on this shooter?

Brink is due to shoot its way onto the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Spring 2011.

Sources: IGN

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