Female Twitch Streamer Banned Because of Inappropriate Chat

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Bridgett Devoue's following on Twitch has increased dramatically this past month, with the streamer's popularity seeming to rise everyday. However, Bridgett's momentum on Twitch has come to a grinding halt, as the streamer has been banned for an undetermined amount of time. While some may have guessed that Bridgett was banned from Twitch due to the sexual nature of her streams, it seems the behavior of her chat is the real reason why her channel has been taken down.

This may come as a surprise to some, but Twitch streamers are actually considered responsible for their chat. Twitch streamers are expected to moderate their chat, ban certain words, and recruit "trusted Moderators" to assist them. According to reports online, Bridgett didn't moderate her chat at all, which is why many have assumed that her ban is from her inappropriate chat, as opposed to the content of her streams.

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It's unclear how long the Bridgett Twitch ban will last. However, it's unlikely to be all that long. After all, Amouranth was banned from Twitch for just three days after repeatedly flashing nudity on screen. Amouranth's situation was likely accidental, but some were still surprised at how short her ban lasted.


Again, we don't know how long Bridgett's Twitch ban will last, but it will be interesting to see if she actually benefits from it in the long run. Some Twitch streamers have returned from bans to massive numbers, especially when their bans get media attention like Bridgett's. We saw this happen with big streamers like Dr DisRespect, but some smaller streamers have arguably become more popular after bans as well. Bridgett was already a rising star on Twitch, and it's quite possible this situation could see her become even more famous on the streaming platform.

If Bridgett's ban is due to her unruly chat and not due to the content of her streams, then it's likely she will continue streaming NSFW content. She will also likely continue her interactions (or attempted interactions, in some cases) with other Twitch streamers, like Overwatch streamer xQc, Rajj Patel, and others.

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