Twitch Streamer Bridgett Unbanned, Real Reason for Ban Revealed

twitch streamer bridgett unbanned

This past week, Twitch streamer Bridgett Devoue was banned for three days for reasons that were unclear at the time. However, Devoue has since returned to Twitch and social media, and has revealed more information about her ban. Apparently, Bridgett was banned from Twitch because she was "engaging in sexually suggestive content."

A specific instance from her streams haven't been specified at the time of this writing, and it's possible that the ban was imposed because of her content in general. It's also possible that the "sexually suggestive content" still refers to the behavior of people in her Twitch chat, the original theory for why her channel was banned, but that hasn't been confirmed or denied at the time of this writing. A quick look at Bridgett's Twitch channel shows that she hasn't streamed since the incident, but she says on Twitter that she will be making her return on Tuesday, September 17, sometime in the morning.

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Bridgett's ban is similar to the recent Amouranth ban, which saw that streamer hit with a three day suspension as well. In the case of the Amouranth ban, the Twitch streamer accidentally flashed her audience while streaming due to a wardrobe mishap.

In the meantime, it's possible that Bridgett's Twitch ban may actually help the streamer's channel. While her popularity has grown quite considerably in recent months, Bridgett is still a relatively small channel. Twitch bans like this often draw media attention, and so it stands to reason that more people actually know about Bridgett now after the ban, and her channel may grow as a result.

It remains to be seen if Bridgett's strategy for growing her channel will stay the same, or if she will make an effort to stop engaging in "sexually suggestive content" - whether that means altering her behavior on her streams or policing the content of her chat a little better. In any case, it will be interesting to see what happens with Bridgett's channel moving forward, as her popularity grows on Twitch.

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