Brian Bendis Reflects on Failed Marvel Universe MMO

Marvel Universe Online MMO

You may recall that Cryptic Studios, the studio that created the successful City of Heroes and City of Villains MMORPGs, was working alongside Microsoft and Marvel Comics to create Marvel Universe Online for both the Xbox 360 and Windows platforms.  However, in February 2008, Microsoft decided to pull the plug on the game and Cryptic Studios re-branded the MMO as Champions Online.

Prior to this, however, some of the environments and dozens of the missions had been completed according to Brian Michael Bendis.  In an interview with MTV News, Bendis, a juggernaut in the comic book world, reflects on the project that was never fully realized.

"There were literally dozens of missions written, there was the Baxter Building built, the X-Mansion was built... But it all just... poof... just went away."

"It's too bad. It's weird... I always think about that. Even in comics, I always think about all the projects that never got finished or were close to finished, and every once in a while I'm at Marvel and someone shows me some old thing that never saw the light of day by some master artist of the '70s or '80s – it's just crazy."

The cancellation of the project that many fans were looking forward to didn't stop Bendis of realizing success in the world of comics.

"Of course, I've been very lucky in my mainstream career where, other than the MMO, I can't think of anything that ... if I wanted it to happen, I couldn't get it done. I guess that's why I love comics as my home and don't go crazy about the feature film and TV stuff."

"As much as I'm a fan and want it to happen and would love for it to happen for numerous reasons, there's something really great about coming up with an idea, going home to do it, and getting it done. Nothing will stand in the way."

Well, if you still need your super hero fix, there's always DC Universe Online or Champions Online. And as we know, Cryptic Studios is set to release Star Trek Online in February - Check out our exclusive interview with the studio where we ask them about the possibility of them returning in the future to work on a Marvel MMO.

Would you have subscribed to Marvel Universe Online?

Champions Online is currently available on the PC and is tentatively scheduled to release on Xbox 360 on February 23, 2010. DC Universe Online is tentatively scheduled to release for the PS3 on May 12, 2010.

Source: MTV

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