Breath Of The Wild: Every Dog Location (& Their Treasures)

There are so many things to do in Breath of the Wild. Even though the goal is to defeat Calamity Ganon, the world is so large and there are so many other fun things to do that it can be pretty tough to stay on task. Luckily, Zelda did just fine holding Ganon back while Link was snow bowling and finding all 800 Korok seeds.

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Unfortunately, one thing that we can't do in Breath of the Wild is have a pet dog. There are dogs in the villages and at the stables around Hyrule, but we can't keep one as a pet at our house in Hateno Village. Sad, right? But anyone who has played this game will know that you can give treats to the dogs. And if you do, they'll lead you to a super awesome buried treasure. To see where all the dogs in the game are located (and what their treasures are!), keep reading.

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14 Hateno Village: Silver Rupee

Hateno Village is a peaceful village found in the eastern part of Hyrule. Players find their way here fairly early on in the game for a quest that leads them to Purah at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.

Hateno village also has a white dog that the player can feed meat to in order to befriend. After befriending the dog, it will lead Link to a treasure chest with a silver rupee inside.

13 Serenne Stable: Gold Rupee

Serenne Stable is located near Hebra Tower in the Great Hyrule Forest. Maag No'rah Shrine is in the area, but don't forget about feeding the dog before you leave this stable!

This stable is also home to a dog that Link can befriend by giving it food. After giving the black dog food, Link will be lead to a treasure chest with a gold rupee inside.

12 Wetland Stable: Opal

Wetland Stable is located in the Lanayru Region of Hyrule. Pikango is here to give Link a clue about a photo and there's one side quest that begins here. Inside the stable, Link can find the recipe for Electro Elixir.

After giving food to the dog at this stable, it will guide Link to a buried treasure that contains an opal. Great for selling to get some quick rupees or for upgrading armor!

11 Kara Kara Bazaar: Knight's Bow

Kara Kara Bazaar is located in the Gerudo Wastelands and is an important part of the game for a lot of reasons. But while doing quests and making purchases, make sure to stop and befriend the dog that is located here!

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Inside the treasure chest the dog takes Link to, there's a Knight's Bow. Also hidden in the area is a chest Link can pull from the sand with his Magnesis Rune in order to reveal a purple rupee.

10 Tarrey Town: Bomb Arrow x5

Tarrey Town is a village located in the middle of Lake Akkala in the Akkala Region.

Like other settlements in the game, Tarrey town has a dog that Link can befriend with food. After feeding the black dog, the dog will take Link to a treasure chest. Inside the treasure chest, Link will find five bomb arrows. Really handy for taking on Divine Beast Vah Naboris!

9 Snowfield Stable: Star Fragment/Feathered Spear

Snowfield Stable is a special stable in that there are actually two dogs that can be fed. Put on your cold weather gear and bring the meat because they're both very worth it. This stable is located in the snow-covered Hebra Region.

After befriending the white dog on the left side of the stable, Link will be lead to a treasure chest with a star fragment inside. The black dog on the right side will take Link to a treasure chest with a Feathered Spear inside.

8 Highland Stable: Silver Rupee

Highland Stable is located in the Lake Hylia Region of Hyrule with a shrine directly south of it. Chumin, a traveling merchant, is also often found near this stable selling various foods.

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This stable also has a dog that will lead Link to treasure if he feeds it. After finding the chest, Link can open it and reveal a silver rupee inside! Now hunt down Chumin and spend it!

7 East Akkala Stable: Shock Arrow x10

East Akkala Stable is a stable located in the Akkala Region, on the road to the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. Inside the stable is a recipe for Meat and Rice Bowl and outside, there's a dog to feed.

Following the dog to the buried treasure will reward Link with 10 elemental shock arrows.

6 Lurelin Village: Star Fragment

Lurelin Village is a tropical, coastal village located in the Faron Region. The player has to have a sharp eye to find the dog in Lurelin Village because it's actually hidden under a house.

But if you drop food, the dog will come out and you can keep feeding it until it leads Link to a treasure chest. Inside, Link will find a Star Fragment! Hold onto it for armor upgrades.

5 Outskirt Stable: Silver Rupee

Outskirt Stable is located in the southwestern area of Central Hyrule. Inside, Link can discover the recipe for Energizing Honey Crepe.

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Outside, there's a dog that Link can befriend that will lead him to a treasure chest containing a silver rupee. This is pretty handy since Botrick, a traveling merchant, is often seen wandering the roads near Outskirt Stable.

4 Lakeside Stable: Forest Dweller’s Spear

Lakeside Stable is located in the Faron Region and has a recipe on the wall inside for Hasty Apple Pie. It's also where Link can start the Thunder Magnet quest if he talks to Cima.

Outside, Link can find a dog to feed and befriend. After giving it some meat or other foods, the dog will take Link to a treasure chest where he can find a Forest Dweller's Spear.

3 Woodland Stable: Ice Arrow x10

Woodland Stable is located west of Pico Pond in the Great Hyrule Forest Region. Players that purchased the game's DLC can find the Korok Mask in the area with the EX Strange Mask Rumors quest.

Along with that quest, Link can also feed the dog outside and be lead to a really cool treasure. The treasure chest that the dog takes Link to contains 10 elemental ice arrows!

2 Gerudo Canyon Stable: Ice Arrow x10

Across the map over in the Gerudo Wasteland, there's another stable where Link can feed a dog in order to replenish his arrow stash. Gerudo Canyon Stable is home to a few side quests and a traveling merchant as well as the dog that Link can feed.

After he feeds the dog, it will guide him to a buried treasure where he will find 10 ice arrows.

1 South Akkala Stable: Knight’s Claymore

South Akkala Stable is located near the border between the Akkala and Eldin regions in Hyrule. Players with the DLC can check out the EX Teleportation Rumors! quest in order to get their hands on a Travel Medallion.

Here, players can also feed a dog in order to be lead to a treasure chest. Inside the treasure chest, players will find a Knight's Claymore, a fairly powerful weapon in Breath of the Wild.

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