10 Easter Eggs Only Hardcore Fans Found In Breath Of The Wild

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It's really easy to sink hundreds of hours into Breath of the Wild. Even though speedrunners may finish it and defeat Ganon within minutes, finding over 800 Korok Seeds and finishing over 100 shrines takes a lot of time. No matter how much time a person spends in this game, it seems like there's always another secret to uncover. This game is seriously full of so many Easter eggs from the past Zelda games that it's crazy.

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There are quite a few Easter eggs that most fans have probably found but there are also a lot of things that not everyone has discovered. There are some things that only the most dedicated fans that really know their Zelda history will be able to spot in Breath of the Wild.

To see 10 hidden Easter eggs you never found in Breath of the Wild, keep reading!

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10 Dark Link

Dark Link isn't exactly the most hidden Easter egg in Breath of the Wild but it is one that not everyone is aware of. And even for the players that found this entire armor set, it's likely that some players don't realize how much history this armor set has in the Zelda franchise!

Dark Link is an armor set that can be purchased for nearly 4,000 Mon from Kilton, if you're able to track him down when he sets up shop at night. Mon is gained by selling monster parts to him, so it's not that hard to get since you're going to be taking out a lot of monsters. Dark Link isn't just an armor set that looks cool - it's also a reference to the minor antagonist in Ocarina of Time.

9 Linebeck Island

Linebeck Island is a location in Breath of the Wild. It's located in the Lanayru Wetlands area of Hyrule. This island is located near a couple other islands that all have one thing in common - their names are major Easter eggs that only dedicated Zelda fans will get.

Linebeck Island is located near Mercay Island and Bannan Island. If you're a fan of the Zelda series and have played  The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, then it's likely that these names are familiar to you. Each of these islands was named after a character from that game!

8 Lon Lon Ranch

Lon Lon Ranch is an important location in Ocarina of Time. It also appears in other games, but Ocarina of Time is definitely the game that most Zelda fans think of when they think about Lon Lon Ranch. This ranch is owned by Talon, Malon, and Ingo and is the ranch where Link gets his horse, Epona.

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Anyone that plays Breath of the Wild will be able to find several locations in the game that are references to older games, like Zora's Domain and Hyrule Castle. But not many fans realize that Ranch Ruins is actually the site of Lon Lon Ranch. It's definitely not looking so good in this game!

7 Kass' Special Song

The existence of Lon Lon Ranch isn't the only reference to Epona that appears in this game. Dedicated Nintendo fans will know that players can use an Amiibo figure to get special items in the game - including Epona! But even if you don't want to pay up for an Amiibo and stick to keeping horses you find in the wild, Epona hasn't been completely forgotten.

If you go to to the Foothill Stable, you'll see Kass standing outside. Speak to him to hear a song that will take you on a side quest through the game and make sure that you turn your sound up when he sings. If you listen closely, you'll be able to hear that the song he's singing is actually Epona's Song.

6 Tunic Of The Wild

There are 120 different shrines in Breath of the Wild that the player can complete. While it's definitely not necessary or easy to find and finish every single shrine in the game, many players make it their goal to finish every last one of them. If you're among the people that refuses to leave a single shrine untouched, there's a reward in store for you!

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If you finish every last shrine, you're given a special piece of armor called the Tunic of the Wild. The description says it was crafted specially for a hero who travels around the landscape and that it fits you perfectly. Well, it should. The Tunic of the Wild is the iconic green shirt that Link is seen wearing in most other games.

5 The Arbiter's Grounds

Going out into the Gerudo Desert can be dangerous. It's hot, meaning that you definitely need to get some heat-resistant armor first, and Molduga lurks out there, waiting to attack Link with the help of the sneaky Electric Lizalfos that live in the area.

But the Gerudo Desert is also home to an area called the Arbiter's Grounds. Although there's not a lot to see here, it's definitely something that anyone that played The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will recognize. This area seems to be the ruins of the area by the same name that appears in that game.

4 Ocarina Of Time Ruins

The Temple of Time is one of the first major locations in the game that the player is forced to visit. After managing to finish the first few shrines in the first area of the game, the player meets the mysterious old man at the Temple of Time and they're given his paraglider.

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The Temple of Time is way more than just a run-down old building, although it may look like that's all it is in Breath of the Wild. The Temple of Time was an important location in past Zelda games like Ocarina of Time. If you listen closely while you're at the Temple of Time, you can even hear the Song of Time playing in the background.

3 The Divine Beasts' Names

The Divine Beasts are a huge part of Breath of the Wild. Taking them back from Ganon helps Link to defeat him and it presents a fun and unique challenge for the player. There are four different Divine Beasts and each of them has a name that's a reference to a past Zelda character.

Vah Naboris is named after Nabooru, a Gerudo hero. Vah Ruta's name is only one letter off from the name of Ruto, a Zora princess who appeared in Ocarina of Time. Vah Rudania's name is an anagram of the name Darunia, the leader of the Goron people in that same game. And the final Divine Beast, Vah Medoh, has a name that's super similar to the name of Medli, a Rito girl in Wind Waker.

2 Outset Island

When you go to the southern part of Hyrule, you'll eventually reach a tropical area known as Lurelin Village. This small, coastal village has palm trees everywhere, is a great place to go fishing, and is the home to a few different quests. But, dedicated fans of Legend of Zelda will probably recognize that this village is one that has appeared in past Zelda games as well.

Although it has a different name, many Zelda fans believe that Lurelin Village is supposed to be Outset Island, an island that appeared in Wind Waker. Their location compared to Hyrule Castle doesn't exactly line up, but the layout and appearance of these two places is way too similar for us to think it was a coincidence.

1 Dragon Roost Island

Dragon Roost Island is another location in Wind Waker that many fans of Breath of the Wild believe they've found in this game. When you visit Rito Village, turning up your volume a little will allow you to hear a familiar tune playing the entire time you're at the village. The song that plays is the Dragon Roost Theme.

Considering the fact that Dragon Roost Island was the home of the Rito in Wind Waker and they live in Rito Village in Breath of the Wild, it seems safe to say that Rito Village is supposed to be the new version of Dragon Roost Island.

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