Breath Of The Wild: 10 Secret Side Quests Even Zelda Fans Missed

Breath of the Wild was a breath of fresh air for the Zelda franchise, and won over plenty of players with its nonlinear play style and focus on world exploration. These two aspects of the game really get highlighted with the game's various side and shrine quests. Players must go out and discover each of these on their own, but some aren’t so easy to find.

Though not necessarily hidden, triggering some of these quests can prove difficult unless you know what you’re doing or just so happen to do so by chance. Here are 10 secret side quests that even Zelda fans didn’t notice in Breath of the Wild.

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10 The Statue's Bargain

The Statue’s Bargain isn’t necessarily the most exciting quest in the game, but it’s still a good deal of fun. The quest is triggered in Hateno Village when Link prays to the Horned Statue. Doing so will cause you to lose either a Heart Container or Stamina Vessel.

You can complete the quest by either convincing the statue to give back what it took, or exchange one for the other. This also opens up an exchange service that can be quite useful for indecisive players.

9 My Hero

This next one isn’t all that hard to complete, and has a rather simple condition that needs to be met that actually ties into another quest. You can activate this quest by talking to Aliza by the Outskirt Stable.

Speaking to Aliza allows you to learn that she wants to meet the hero holding the Master Sword. Once you complete that quest and obtain the legendary weapon, simply go back to where you found her and talk to Aliza. You’ll make her day and get a Star Fragment as a reward.

8 Luminous Stone Gathering

In order to start this quest, players must first speak to Ledo, who is near the entrance to the Zora’s Domain. After a short bit of dialogue, the quest will be unlocked. You will need to have completed the Divine Beast Vah Ruta quest first if you want to unlock this though.

Completing this quest is pretty easy. Just go and collect 10 Luminous Stones and bring them to Ledo. You should be good from there. Ledo gives you two diamonds as a reward, which is a pretty solid payoff.

7  A Wife Washed Away

Despite appearing pretty early on in the game, this next quest is easy to miss if you’re not exploring everything and anything. You must speak to Fronk, again in Zora’s Domain to activate this quest.

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It’s another pretty simple one. You have to search for Mei, the female Zora in question. She can be found fishing near Lake Hylia. After talking to her you’ll be rewarded with 5 Staminoka basses. It’s not the most climactic quest, but hey, at least the reward is practical.

6 Hunt for the Giant Horse

The Giant Horse isn’t the quickest or most agile steed you can catch, but it’s tough and at the very least worth getting just to cross this quest off your list. The hunt can be initiated by talking to Straia in the Mounted Archery Camp.

The giant horse is pretty noticeable, especially among its peers. It shouldn’t put up too much of a fight but some stamina potions should be on hand as it can get pretty restless.

5 From the Ground Up

In order to start this quest you need to first take care of the Hylian Homeowner. You’ll need to speak to Hudson to get things started, then start collecting various materials and completing various tasks. It’s pretty time consuming, but totally worth it.

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Doing everything you need triggers a nice little cutscene that – without going into too much detail – makes it all really worth it. The three diamond reward is a pretty nice bonus as well.

4 Sign of the Shadow

Sign of the Shadow is the only Shrine Quest on this list, and at first doesn’t seem like anything all that special. But the shrine has some pretty cool twists and turns and even puts you in a pretty fun fight.

Unlocking the shrine requires solving a riddle. After doing that, you encounter a Guardian Scout III. Depending on where you are in the game and what kind of equipment you’ve amassed up to that point, this can be a pretty challenging fight – so plan ahead.

3 The Royal White Stallion

This is another quest given at the Outskirt Stable, this time by Toffa. Toffa wants you to bring back a White Horse, a descendant of the horse Zelda rides in the flashbacks. Doing so can be difficult without the proper stamina built up, but it’s a rewarding quest to check off.

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The horse is found in the Safula Hill area. It’s easily visible. Mount it and get ready for some resistance and some sore thumbs. After you’ve registered it, simply bring it back to Toffa.

2 Misko, the Great Bandit

This quest is activated at the Dueling Peaks Stable. That means that there’s a good chance it’s one of the earliest side quests you can activate. But due to the player needing 100 rupees in order to start the quest, lots of players might’ve missed out on it.

Once you have the money, talk to Domidak and Prissen inside the stable. For a fee of the aforementioned 100 rupees, the location to some hidden treasure is added in to your log. The price is well worth it, as any of the treasure chests you find will be worth way more than the info you paid for.

1 Missing in Action

This last one is a recovery mission that is pretty easy to overlook if you don’t happen to stumble on it randomly. In order to kick things off you need to talk to Sesami at Gerudo Canyon Stable. Once interacted with he’ll explain how he and his friends were ambushed by monsters.

Travel to Koukot Plateau and you’ll find the four NPCs you need to bring back scattered along the wooden platforms over the canyon. Once that’s over, return to Sesami for your 300 rupee reward.

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