Breath Of The Wild: 10 Most Powerful Weapons, Ranked

It's been quite a hot minute since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild came out, we know. But, the trailer for the second game is still fresh in our minds, and plenty of people, including ourselves are going back through the Switch title to remember the details. BotW is an astoundingly inventive open-world title, possibly the most creative iteration of the franchise, and that is in part due to its stance on weapons.

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Link is now able to use a wide range of weapons in his fight against Ganon, be it swords or soup ladles. And, as such, we thought it was high time to take a look back at some of the most insane ones from this post-apocalyptic Hyrulian adventure and find the best of the best.

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10 Korok Leaves: Not Just For Boats, We Swear

Okay okay, before people freak out, this isn't necessarily a joke answer. Sure, the damage is minimal, but the Korok leaf is just so fun, and surprisingly useful! Originally, we just thought they were only used for rafts as the leaves produce a gust of wind when swung. But, upon further experimentation, the leaves also have a variety of uses.

They're perfect for pushing frozen enemies off cliffs, even better for pushing bombs into Moblin camps, and they can even be used as temporary torches! These leaves are just handy to have in Links inventory, especially in the early game. Again, they're not great weapons, but they certainly are useful tools.

9 The Edge Of Duality: A Western Man's Sword

So the Shiekah Tribe in the Legend of Zelda games are likely based on cultures like the ancient ronin and ninja from Japan. And, as such, their tech in Breath of the Wild shockingly allows them to create swords that are strikingly similar to katana. But, turns out, they also created a sword specifically catered to the Hyrule Knights uncomfortable with single-edged weapons, and this was called the Edge of Duality.

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It can only be found on a Moblin in Hyrule Castle or in a secret cave in the desert, but the Edge of Duality is absolutely a fantastically powerful weapon with some surprising durability. Make sure to knab one from said Moblin after every Blood Moon.

8 The Hylian Shield: A Perfectly Renewable Way To Surf

Obviously, we didn't plan on talking about shields on a list all about the most powerful weapons, but, well, here we are. Basically, the Hylian Shield is the strongest shield in the game, and the most durable. It lasts a staggeringly long time in combat and can stand up against over 15 Guardian beams. Additionally, and this is probably disrespectful to the Hylian Knights, but it's radical to surf on. Just imagining Link using the Master Sword to cut down trees and the Hylian Shield to sled down hills is so hilarious that we couldn't help trying it out.

Also, it's replaceable once the player completes the Tarrey Town sidequest. But, obtaining it is a bit of a challenge considering the player has to solo a Stalnox deep within Hyrule Castle.

7 The Elemental Rod Weapons: Link Is Now A Mage

Now, this next one can be polarizing, but the Rod Weapons are incredibly useful in Breath of the Wild. Not only because they can freeze, shock, or burn entire bands of enemies, but also because they have a multitude of uses. For example, a Fire Rod works to keep Link warm in the cold just by being equipped.

A Thunder Rod is immensely useful for causing enemies to drop their weapons, and an Ice Rod can even freeze food. Frankly, they're weapons that can attack at a range, can help Link survive in the wild, and can even be found relatively easily. And, the elemental swords that Link can find later on are even more insane.

6 Savage Lynel Weaponry: Decent Rewards For Beating Vein-Bustingly Difficult Opponents

To be fair, any of the weapons that drop from Lynels are outstanding. But, the ones that drop from the biggest and meanest of them all, the silver Lynels, are the best. The bows, in particular, have such high damage output with 32 points of damage per arrow.

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But here's the thing, it shoots three arrows at once! And, under the right conditions, it might even fire five arrows as well. If all five of those hit the same chunky enemy, thats a total of 160 damage for one shot! And that's not even taking its pretty great durability into account.

5 The Ancient Bow And Other Weaponry: Glowy Neon Weapons Of Destruction

Now obviously, the Ancient Arrows are incredibly powerful, we don't even need to get into that. But, people seem to forget about the other Ancient Weapons, especially the ones you can purchase from the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab like the Bladesaw and Bow. The Ancient Bow, in particular, is insane for the later parts of BotW as it has an incredibly high range and does 30% extra damage to Guardians.

This is crucial when clearing out some of the more Guardian infested areas like Hyrule Castle. That is unless the player plans to parry every single laserbeam that comes their way. Oh and the bladesaw is literally just a neon chainsaw, and we can't simply ignore how rad that is.

4 Early-Game Mob Weapons: Boomerangs, Bone Clubs, And Sharp Sticks Galore

So the Hylian shield is more on the durable side, the Edge of Duality is all about power, but what about replicability? What weapons out there are super easy to obtain, with a bit of a punch as an added bonus? Well, any of the weapons commonly found in Lizal or Moblin camps obviously. Stuff like the Liza Boomerang or the Dragonbone Clubs works perfectly to fill weapon slots while Link saves his insanely good gear for the bosses.

There's always a reason to raid a Moblin camp with these bad boys spread throughout, just make sure to grab to use them as filler weapons, because they won't exactly destroy a Lynel or anything.

3 The Royal Guard Weaponry: Powerful Weapons That Are Reliable To Obtain

And while we're on the topic of easily replaceable weaponry, there's a smorgasbord of neato items in Hyrule Castle. Obviously, there's Zelda's journal and some shrines, but also a ton of insanely powerful weapons. It's what makes such short speedruns even possible. Well, that and the easily exploitable mechanics and engine. But, the Royal Claymore, Royal Broadsword, Royal Bow, and even the Royal Halberd can all be found throughout the castle.

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All of them are weapons that respawn decently often and are easy to run by and knab from the castle while Link wanders throughout Hyrule. It's not just about power. The weapons that made it onto this list are a combination of pure strength, decent durability, and how convenient they are to find more than once.

2 The Champion's Weapons: A Wide Range Of Re-Forgeable Powerhouses

Speaking of reoccurring weapons like the Royal swords, the Champion Weapons are a different type of reusable resource. These are the Boulder Breaker, Lightscale Trident, Scimitar of the Seven, and Great Eagle Bow. Each of these weapons is wielded by the Champions of the four races whose spirits inhabit the Divine Beasts and are rewarded to the player after said beasts have been conquered.

But, they can also be remade after they've broken, for a certain price. All of these weapons can be re-forged in the cities of their people by talented Blacksmiths, usually for the costs of some expensive ores. It's not exactly easy to remake them, but the mere fact that they can be remade is enough.

1 The Master Sword: No Duh It's At The Top

Let's just get this out of the way, the Master Sword literally has to be the strongest on this list, I know, it's lame, and we're sorry. But it just wouldn't make sense if it wasn't. It's an infinite resource in a game where resources are meant to be finite. Plus, it literally seals evil! Sure, there's a cooldown for it, and sure, its damage isn't insane, but still, a weapon that is guaranteed to come back? With a projectile at full health? Forget about it.

The only weird thing this time around is that the Master Sword apparently can kill the Hero Link if he's not hearty enough. This is the same sword that let a child wield it throughout half the games? Interesting.

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