Sony’s E3 2017 press conference featured a vast lineup of various VR titles, one of which happened to be Bravo Team. When Sony initially filed the trademark earlier today, we speculated that a return to SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals may be on the cards, but it turns out that Bravo Team is a standalone PlayStation VR experience. The VR-based experience is currently being developed by Supermassive Games, and will allow players to see through the eyes of a soldier in a fictional Eastern European city as a situation goes from bad to worse.

The game is just one of many titles that Supermassive Games is concurrently developing, with other E3 2017 titles like The Inpatient and Hidden Agenda. In Bravo Team, players will witness an escort mission gone awry that results in not only the assassination of the President, but a domino effect that threatens to tear the entire country apart. Players will play a key role in Bravo Team‘s survival as they attempt to resolve the situation, although little else about the game has been revealed.

Interested gamers can take a look at Bravo Team in its announcement trailer below:

Thankfully, Supermassive Games reformatted the gameplay video to reflect non-VR displays for showing purposes, revealing what looks like a pretty polished VR title. It seems like the squad members of Bravo Team will move in a system where soldiers provide covering fire as squad members move up to new cover individually, a decent solution to one of the VR industry’s biggest problems: how to make player movement not feel massively awkward.

The game has yet to be rated, but we have to a imagine a run-and-gun game filled with soldiers called Bravo Team won’t be the most family-friendly solution out there.

Beyond what Supermassive Games presented, Sony also introduced a few other options for PlayStation VR users. Sony revealed a curious cross-genre production named Star Child, and like many other companies has brought a new version Skyrim into the fold, this time introducing it to the world of virtual relaity.

What do you think about Bravo Team, Ranters? Will it be a good addition to the PlayStation VR roster?

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Bravo Team is currently in development exclusively for PlayStation VR, and has no confirmed release date.

Source: YouTube