What is Brass Lion Entertainment and Corner Wolves?

Recently, some former developers of Skyrim, Fallout 3, and Mass Effect 3 banded together to form a new studio, Brass Lion Entertainment, and announce its first game: Corner Wolves. Because the studio and its game are in its infancy, little is currently known, but given the credentials and lofty goals of the team, there seems to be a ton of promise.

Currently, this new studio is headed up by Manveer Heir as CVO and creative director of Corner Wolves, Bryna Dabby Smith as CEO and executive producer, and Rashad Redic as CCO and art director. Although their names may not as big as many in the gaming industry, the trio are practically a dream team for lifelong fans of gaming. Here's what we know about Brass Lion Entertainment's first project, Corner Wolves, and its founding members.

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Corner Wolves

Corners Wolves is set in a fictional Harlem in the mid-90s and sees a young Afro-Latina woman, Jacinte, pursue her father's killers, with the game focusing on issues such as living in the hood, the War on Drugs, and the culture surrounding it. Initially, the game was intended to be an interactive project before it grew into something befitting of multiple media platforms.

Of course, little beyond that short plot synopsis is known, but this game also speaks volumes to the studio's development philosophy. The team at Brass Lion Entertainment want to provide inclusive and diverse stories for its audience, achieve high quality and authentic results for and from new demographics, and focus on historically marginalized people in video games and entertainment.

Manveer Heir

Heir (pictured above, right) has worked in the video game industry for 12 years before founding Brass Lion Entertainment and is on a mission to create universes that focus on non-mainstream characters and culture. He has worked as a lead design and combat designer at BioWare on projects like Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect: Andromeda and Raven Software on games like Wolfenstein and Singularity.

Bryna Dabby Smith

Smith (pictured above, center) herself has a ton of experience in video game production and beyond, having previously worked at a New York based agency creating all sorts of things for Samsung, MetLife, and more. Her experience in video games ranges on everything from early FIFA and NHL games to the more recent Sleeping Dogs. In multiple industries and multiple formats, Smith's history highlights the skills needed to navigate the industry.

Rashad Redic

As art director and CCO, Redic (pictured above, left) brings with him a ton of experience, including work on both Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and Fallout 3, but he has also received credits and thanks for projects such as Ryse: Son of Rome, Fallout 4, Homefront: The Revolution, Evolve, and more.

Hopefully, more will be learned about Corner Wolves and future projects at some point in the future, but it's clear that the team is ambitious and has the backings to make something truly special.

Corner Wolves is currently in development.

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Source: Brass Lion Entertainment

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