Borderlands Coming to Xbox One via Backward Compatibility

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Microsoft is attempting to keep its vast library of Xbox 360 titles alive with backward compatibility. It was definitely one of the more unexpected announcements to come out of E3 2015, but if the company supports it with the right games and for the rest of the platform’s lifecycle then it could become one of the few features the Xbox One can claim to have over the PS4.

The list of games currently supported by the console’s backward compatible feature is relatively small compared to all the games that came out for the last-gen system, but the list continues to grow, with Microsoft constantly announcing newly supported games and future support for Games with Gold titles confirmed thus far. Not every game is widely available, however, as only Xbox preview members have access to the entire list prior to the feature’s launch in November.

That said, Microsoft is keeping the momentum going by announcing yet another popular title from the Xbox 360’s history that Xbox One owners will be able to enjoy once again. This time around, it’s none other than Gearbox Software’s 2009 game, Borderlands.

Borderlands Lilith and Claptrap

Xbox Live’s Larry Hryb/Major Nelson revealed the title’s newly implemented support on his blog earlier today, saying that Borderlands will be “joining the greatest games lineup in Xbox history,” alongside other great games like Gears of War and Shadow Complex. Similar to the two aforementioned titles, however, only Xbox Preview members can play it right now, but come the public launch everyone will be able to revisit Pandora on the Xbox One.

As far as features go, those eager to check out Borderlands again will be able to bring over their old save files, game add-ons and achievements. Additionally, players can partner up and play together across Xbox Live, regardless of which Xbox console they’re playing on.

As 2K President Christoph Hartmann explains in a statement:

“We know many of our fans have put in dozens, even hundreds, of hours exploring the world of Pandora on their Xbox 360, and now they can continue their adventures on Xbox One.”

This particular aspect of cross-Xbox play makes it clear that Microsoft intends to go all the way with backward compatibility on the Xbox One – instead of simply supporting the single player portion and letting the online component waste away. It’ll be interesting to see how many games get this same treatment, and for how long their servers will be left online.

As said previously, Backward Compatibility for the Xbox One is set to launch this November, although a set date has not yet been given. When the feature does launch, it’ll support over 100 Xbox 360 games, with “hundreds more on the way.” Of course, we’ll have to wait and see what games will be added in the future – even though we can think of a few.

Source: Major Nelson