Borderlands 3: 10 Unanswered Questions We Want Resolved In DLC

Like its predecessors, Borderlands 3 comes packed in with plenty of content to keep gamers occupied for months. Even with this in mind, the folks over at Gearbox Software always deliver meaty DLC expansions which add a bevy of missions and raise the level cap. They typically aren't throw away stories either, as past expansions have had a significant impact on the lore.

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With this in mind, Borderlands 3's DLC is expected to expand upon the world and characters in significant ways. Several threads and unanswered questions remain unresolved by the time the credits roll, and the following ten entries detail the most pressing questions we want to be explored in future expansions.

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Lilith Borderlands 3 ending
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10 Where Is Lilith?

Lilith Borderlands 3 ending

The game leaves players on a tearfully optimistic note. The greatest threat the universe has ever seen is eliminated, but one of the most beloved characters sacrifices themselves in order to save the day. Lilith isn't gone, however; several characters relay that she is somewhere else, but not wholly deceased.

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No one knows where she is, what she is doing, or if she is even conscious, but fans hope answers come sooner rather than later. Maybe a DLC shouldn't bring her back so soon, but it could at least reveal something about her fate and serve as a sequel hook.

9 Genevieve

Borderlands 3 GenIVIV

One of the game's boss encounters is an artificial intelligence named GenIVIV. After defeating her she still causes trouble for Sanctuary, almost sending the ship into an asteroid field. BALEX, played by Ice-T, manages to exile her from the ship's systems into a hard drive.

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Marcus then suggests giving the hard drive to him and that is the last players hear about the computer. Given her penchant for mischief, it surely won't be GenIVIV's last appearance. Perhaps Marcus experiments on it and accidentally unleashing her once again.

8 Leda

Borderlands 3 Typhon deleon

Leda was Typhon Deleon's wife and mother to Troy and Tyreen Calypso. Evidence strongly suggests that she was a Siren and the twins potentially took their powers from her after she passed away during childbirth.

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Much of her character is still shrouded in mystery, however, and more information regarding her relationship with Typhon and her life as a Siren would be a tasty DLC. There's certainly more to explore regarding the first Vault Hunter, Leda, and the Calypso Twins.

7 The Watcher

Borderlands 3 the watcher

Not to be confused with the similarly titled opening track of Dr. Dre's second studio album, The Watcher is an enigmatic being that sporadically receives mention throughout the games while rarely making appearances. It seems to be both omniscient and omnipotent, materializing in the blink of an eye to save people's lives or manipulate events.

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Its most notable appearance in the games occurs during The Pre-Sequel when it saves Athena from certain death at the hands of Lilith. What is the entity's main goal? Is it a benevolent creature or malicious? Maybe Gearbox wouldn't want to reveal all the answers in an expansion, but some breadcrumbs would be more than appreciated.

6 Where Is Fiona?

borderlands saddest deaths

Tales From the Borderlands ends with a cliffhanger that isn't fully explained in Borderlands 3. The two protagonists, Rhys and Fiona, open a treasure chest within a Vault and mysteriously vanish. Rhys obviously ends up okay, but where is Fiona? An echo log between Rhys and Zero potentially hints at the adventure game's female protagonist, but she receives no direct mention.

Maybe some are holding out for a second season of the beloved game, but seeing her story resolved in an expansion would also suffice.

5 What Happens With The Children Of The Vault?

Tyreen and Troy led a massive army. With both of them six feet under, what will their followers do? Will an even eviler foe step up and fill the power vacuum, or will the aimless bandits find solace in more altruistic leaders.

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The fanatics are obviously aimless and can be brainwashed into doing good just as easily as they were into doing bad. Situations like this always make for good story hooks, and fans are excited to see what big threat will come in the future.

4 What Will Ava Do With Her New Powers?

borderlands 3 ava hate explained

By the end of the game, Ava is gifted with Maya's powers. Curiously enough, the playable Siren from Borderlands 2 foresaw this long before it happened. Ava grows significantly during the game, but she is still a traumatized child by its closing, so it would be interesting to see how she handles her newfound abilities.

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Will she go out for vengeance or try to take a more noble stance, attempting to fill the void left by Lilith's disappearance. Whatever the case, one can expect to see way more of her in future Borderlands content.

3 Where Is Dr. Zed?

Dr Zed Borderlands

Dr. Zed is inexplicably absent in the most recent release. Did he pass away or is he simply on vacation? Maybe his vending machines got popular enough to enable his early retirement.

A third possibility is him coming back soon as a major character in a DLC episode. Medical malpractice is no joking matter, unless it's in Borderlands. After all, there are far worse things transpiring on Pandora and the other planets than a little medicinal mishap.

2 Hyperion

borderlands handsome jack mask

By the end of Tales From the Borderlands, Hyperion is kaput. Despite this, their New-U machines are still operational, meaning they must be functioning somehow. Did somebody else take over the company after Jack's demise? Perhaps they are planning a glorious comeback.

Whatever their plans are, we hope it doesn't involve Angel; she has suffered enough. Jack's daughter is deceased, but one never knows for certain in the world of Borderlands.

1 Did Rhys Destroy The Handsome Jack AI?

borderlands saddest character deaths

Tales From The Borderlands involves a Handsome Jack AI tormenting Rhys. Near the end of the game, the protagonist expels Jack from his body by removing his cybernetic implants. Immediately after, players are given the choice to either destroy them or let them be.

As of now, it's unknown which decision is canon. Did he destroy them and every trace of Jack, or is the AI still in the cybernetic implants, waiting to torture the next unlucky soul who installs them. If it's the latter, Jack could make some sort of return soon.

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