10 Side Quests That Aren't Worth Your Time In Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is brimming with content. The main quest alone takes approximately twenty hours, but doing all the side missions picked up along the way will easily stretch that run time to forty or so. While fans are thankful for the plethora of optional missions, not all of them are golden. They generally fall into three categories: Excellent, harmless ways to pass the time, and not worth the effort.

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The following list will focus on the latter. Unless one is a completionist or out to hit the level cap and get Guardian Tokens, they should really skip these next ten quests and focus on the game's more fulfilling adventures. These will be judged on how fun they are and their story content, and not on the potential loot they dole out.

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Borderlands 3 Get Quick Slick Quest
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10 Get Quick, Slick

Borderlands 3 Get Quick Slick Quest

Driving in the game is atrocious, and most missions involving automobiles are similarly lackluster. "Get Quick, Slick" tasks the player with jumping a few ramps and then accomplishing one final leap. If it was easy to do, it would be inoffensive, but the jump requires precision and speed.

On top of that, failing can cause the car to freeze in mid-air like it's General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard. Every time this happens, the player must destroy the car and collect another Outrunner from the garage.

9 Under Taker

Borderlands 3 Under Taker

Somebody stole a pair of Vaughn's underwear and now he wants the Vault Hunter to take sweet revenge on his behalf. The thief is appropriately named Under Taker, and that's the extent of the quest's wit.

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Doing a favor for Vaughn wouldn't be so cumbersome if he wasn't such an annoying character, but his attempts at humor and nauseating overuse of the word bro quickly grows tiresome. If only a quest let players take out Vaughn instead.

8 Dynasty Dash

Borderlands 3 Dynasty Dash

Several Dynasty Dash quests exist within the game, and they are all equally mundane. Beau needs food delivered fast to the residents of the respective areas to beat out the competition he gets from Legacy Drive-Thru. The mission is timed, but the clock can be extended if the player shoots the competitor's ads while delivering the orders.

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It bears repeating how uninteresting the driving is, serving more as a means to get somewhere quick rather than an engaging mechanic. On top of that, the generous time limit removes any challenge.

7 Pandora's Next Top Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece is a boss encountered early in the game. To win, players must riddle the armored opponent with bullets while also dodging the deadly music blasting from speakers installed on the walls. It's an interesting enough fight, and Gearbox apparently supposed it was compelling enough to warrant a repeat encounter.

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This quest sees the Vault Hunter try and interrupt the selection process for a new Mouthpiece. When they are late to the party, Ellie instructs the character to simply blast away the new mouthpiece in a nearly identical fight to the one earlier in the adventure.

6 Dynasty Diner

Borderlands 3 Dynasty Diner

Lorelei asks the player to assist Beau in taking back his Dynasty Diner after Maliwan claimed it as their own. After eliminating the evil soldiers, Beau requires some sample meat in order to recreate his signature burgers.

It's an underwhelming followup to "Rise and Grind," a mission about getting the perfect coffee for Lorelei and the Atlas troops, which is brimming with personality and unique characters like the hipster-parodying Barista Bot. In comparison, "Dynasty Diner" is dull and lacks charisma.

5 Golden Calves

Vaughn Borderlands 3

In Golden Calves, Vaughn wants the Vault Hunter to remove several Children of the Vault statues and replace them with statues of himself. Before doing this, however, players must first find his wanted posters in order to give the 3D printer a reference for the new statue.

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We suppose it's not so bad if one loves hearing Vaughn boast about his abs until the sun goes down, but anybody who got more than enough of the character during the main story would be wise to avoid this one.

4 Healers And Dealers

Healers and dealers borderlands 3

Ace Baron is a doctor short on medical supplies. Seven years after asking for help, the Vault Hunter finally comes to his aid. The player sets off on collecting the medical supplies. Ace Baron is also an aspiring rapper and won't shut up about it.

While collecting the supplies, the doctor bombards the Vault Hunter with requests to listen to his mixtape and even drops a few of his rhymes. It's supposed to be inane and silly, but it comes off as annoying. Thankfully, Ace Baron doesn't show up again.

3 Rumble In The Jungle

RUmble in the jungle borderlands 3

It's awesome when a side quest contains its own unique boss battle. It's even better when the battle consists of two bosses who are simultaneously fighting each other and the player. Why, then, does "Rumble In The Jungle" fail so spectacularly when it delivers just this?

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The lead up to the fight is long-winded and boring, while the fight itself falls flat of its exciting concept. Defeating both without losing a life is challenging, prompting most players to wait until they are at a higher level in order to take it out with ease, instead of making it an engaging, but fair, fight.

2 Swamp Bro

Everyone knows a Chad, but how many people know one who has two Ds? This Bro wants the Vault Hunter to help him accomplish dangerous stunts like wrestling Saurians and catapulting into the sky. It's a funny idea, but Chadd himself is an irritating personality.

His voice alone is like putting one's ear through a cheese grater. The silver lining to this quest is how it ends with him jettisoning off into space, never to be seen again. He'll surely return someday since characters in Borderlands rarely leave the picture forever unless they are seen dying on screen.

1 The Feeble And The Furious

Feeble and the furious Borderlands 3

In "The Feeble And The Furious," an obvious parody of the popular Fast and the Furious franchise's name, the player escorts an old man and runs errands on his behalf. The cranky geriatric berates the player as they do the miserable old fool some favors.

It all amounts to driving somewhere, killing some dudes, and then driving somewhere else until the man is happy. Plenty of other missions offer a similar structure without having somebody yelling at the player the whole time.

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