'Borderlands Remastered Edition' Coming to Xbox One & PS4?

Borderlands Remastered Edition Listing

In today’s gaming sphere, it’s not uncommon for official game reveals to be preceded by online leaks at the hands of retailers and ratings boards. Combine this with the rise in popularity of title re-releases on new hardware, and surprises are quickly becoming a thing of the past. The latest title to crop up online in advance of a formal announcement appears to be Borderlands Remastered Edition.

Beginning its life in 2009 with the critically acclaimed first-person shooter Borderlands, the series has quickly become a loot-hoarder’s dream. Since remastered versions of popular games are on the rise with notable examples like The Last of Us, the discovery of a ratings listing for a Borderlands Remastered Edition is hardly a shock. Having effectively made the transition between its first-person shooter roots and new frontiers entirely with Tales from the Borderlands, and the upcoming Borderlands Online, there’s no better time to present gamers with a new opportunity to try their hands at the franchise’s launching point.

The aforementioned ratings listing was posted to the Australian Classification Board on December 11, 2014, citing the title as a multi platform release. If past remastered releases like Grand Theft Auto V are any indication, this would likely manifest itself in a PS4 and Xbox One release. Not only this, but the title is given an MA 15+ classification on the basis of "strong violence and online interactivity."

For fans of the series, the prospect of a remastered return to Pandora is no doubt a tantalizing prospect. The original game effectively combined strong first-person gunplay with the loot-collecting elements of RPGs like Diablo and has served as a foundation for numerous games that have followed. With the original title having released over half a decade ago, this would give gamers who were late to the party a chance to get a look at the series' roots, complete with a fresh set of paint.

Borderlands Remastered Edition Listing Characters

With no Borderlands 3 currently known to be in development, it's likely that gamers won't have many chances to re-immerse themselves into Borderlands' culture outside of the upcoming episodes of Tales from the Borderlands (check out our review). With this being the case, a re-release of the first title could be just what fans need to get them through the next year.

Would you be interested in buying a remastered version of Borderlands? Are there any changes that you would like to see in Borderlands Remastered Edition?

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Source: Australian Classification Board (via Polygon)

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