Borderlands Mask of Mayhem Teaser Trailer Released

borderlands 3 leak ahead of pax east 2019

Following a long period of silence, new teasers and rumors of the latest entry in the Borderlands series have started appearing at regular intervals. Adding fuel to the fire has been the consistent stream of potential new Borderlands 3 details including new character art, story details, and selectable classes. Answers and confirmations should be right around the corner as Gearbox is holding a panel at the latest Penny Arcade Expo in Boston, Massachusetts tomorrow, promising more information regarding its latest teaser trailer.

In an effort to help hype up its panel tomorrow, a new, minute-long teaser trailer was released earlier today called Borderlands Mask of Mayhem. The trailer itself doesn't confirm anything regarding a third entry in the series or whether or not Mask of Mayhem is the title of the game, but the footage does feature plenty of things fans will likely recognize from the franchise. The iconic robot Claptrap makes multiple appearances along with plenty of guns and the psycho enemies, whose masks typically are used for a lot of marketing and promotional materials.

The stylish trailer also reveals plenty of character models, from two characters that appear to be twins, multiple characters in a Runner vehicle fighting flying creatures known as rathalos, and many characters in the franchise like Brick, Mordecai, Sir Hammerlock, Lilith, and more. There's likely plenty of easter eggs and potential details of a Borderlands 3 game hiding in plain sight as well, such as a quick look at some new character classes like the Beast Master or Soldier.

It's likely going to be an eventful day for fans of Gearbox Software, not just because of the expected Borderlands 3 reveal. Rumors have indicated that the studio may have up to four announcements to share with fans in attendance as well as watching over the livestream. Talk has centered on many franchises that Gearbox maintains, from Duke Nukem to Brothers in Arms and even Homeworld. Some even believe there could be a Borderlands Remaster after all this time or perhaps the Borderlands: Handsome Collection could be making its way over to the Switch.

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