Borderlands 3: Zero's Targets of Opportunity Locations (Zeroed In Trophy)

borderlands 3 zer0 title card assassination contract

Borderlands 3 features optional world quests given by certain crew members aboard Sanctuary 3. One such quest is for Zer0, who has ten targets throughout the solar system that players must hunt down. While some targets are easy to stumble upon while working through the game's story, others are pretty well-off the beaten path. Some of the targets will be in late-game zones, so it's best for players to finish Borderlands 3's story before trying to hunt down Zer0's bounties.

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Hot Karl

First up on the list is Hot Karl, who is located in Razor's Edge right next to Vaughn's camp on Pandora. When players load in, they should simply take the path up the mountain and find Hot Karl and his flaming shield.

borderlands 3 hot karl zer0 assassination map

DJ DeadSk4g

Also located on Pandora, DJ Deadsk4g is located in a cave in The Splinterlands. His cave is located right near where players first meet Pain and Terror, two of Borderlands 3's wonderful bosses.

borderlands 3 zer0 assassination deadsk4g location map


Crushjaw can be easily found right before players beat Troy Calypso in Borderlands 3. He is found in a hole right before Troy's boss arena in the Cathedral of the Twin Gods on Pandora.

borderlands 3 zer0 assassination crushjaw location map

Baron Noggin

This weird Nog can be found on Promethea, in the sewers of the Meridian Metroplex. Be wary of the large amount of Ratch that spawn around him during this fight.

borderlands 3 zer0 assassination baron noggin map location

Handsome Jackie

Handsome Jackie is one of the trickier targets to track down, mostly due to Borderlands 3's questionable map design. She is located in Skywell-27 on Promethea. She is down in the lower levels, and is easily recognizable by her Handsome Jack mask.

borderlands 3 handsome jackie location map zer0 assassination

Judge Hightower (and Crew)

Judge Hightower and his crew can be found on Promethea during the Battle Royale sidequest in Borderlands 3. While players are running around Lectra City gathering tokens, they will find Hightower at the far end of the map opposite where players first load in. Players will need to kill him and all his crew to complete this hunt.

borderlands 3 judge hightower location map lectra city

Sky Bullies

These twin Tinks can be found in The Anvil on Eden-6, and while they are a pain to get out of the air, they are thankfully not hard to fight. They will be located just past where players meet up with Tina for the first time. Players can also go farm The Warden boss in Borderlands 3 just past where these two targets are located.

borderlands 3 sky bullies zer0 assassination map location

Heckle and Hyde

This Goliath can be found on Eden-6 outside of Jakob's Manor. While he is not terribly hard to fight, it's best to bring some of Borderlands 3's powerful weapons early on if players are facing him while going through the campaign for the first time.

borderlands 3 heckle hyde location eden 6 map


This merry band of Psychos are located in Ambermire on Eden-6, and while there are many "billies" to defeat, they are not too difficult. Make sure to not get surrounded and players will be fine.

borderlands 3 zer0 assassination psychobillies location map

Sylestro and Atomic

Last on the list are Sylestro and Atomic, a powerful duo located in the Tazendeer Ruins of Nekrotafeyo. They both feature heavy radiation resistance so players may not be able to nuke the bosses with this Borderlands 3 powerful boss-killing grenade.

borderlands 3 sylestro atomic zer0 assassination map location

Once players kill the final target, they will be rewarded with a powerful legendary sniper rifle, a fan-favorite from the Borderlands series: the Lyuda. Also as part of completing this quest, players will be given the Zer0ed In trophy/achievement to help players complete the Borderlands 3 trophy list. Tracking down these targets is great for XP and loot, especially on Borderlands 3's Mayhem Mode, so hopefully more quests like this are added as the game's DLC is launched over the next year.

Borderlands 3 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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