Borderlands 3 Trailer Focuses on Zane Flynt

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One of the biggest releases this fall is Borderlands 3, the next installment in the long running franchise. Since its reveal stream earlier this year, Gearbox has made sure to keep the game in the forefront of fans minds by releasing a new trailer nearly every week. Following the catchy So Happy Together trailer, the trend continues with a new look at the Operative class Zane Flint.

Providing a bit of background on the mysterious corporate hitman, the younger brother of former bandits Captain Flynt and Baron Flynt speaks with a sort of Irish brogue as he describes his many jobs over the years. Whether or not he's speaking truthfully or just describing the many ways he dispatches his enemies in Borderlands 3 is anyone's guess, though the trailer does show off his many special abilities like his barrier, digi-claws, and the ultimate reveal of his digi-clone.

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For fans of technology and gadgets, Zane Flint is the class to select in Borderlands 3. Unlike other classes, Zane can utilize two action skills instead of the traditional one, though players who opt in to this feature will lose their grenade. For some, the tradeoff will be worth it as Zane comes with three very strong options including a digi-clone that not only draws enemy attention, but allows the player to swap places with it if needed. The Barrier shield blocks incoming damage for everyone behind it, as well as buffs the damage done when shooting through it. Finally, the SNTNL is a hovering drone that shoots at enemies and can be modified to use different types of elemental attacks.

While it should be expected that all four character classes will eventually get a similar story trailer, only one has yet to be fully revealed by Gearbox. Fans got early looks at Amara and Zane, with Moze getting the spotlight at E3 2019, but the last and most mysterious class is FL4K the Beastmaster. A confirmed pet class, FL4K has only been seen in trailers and his skill trees are still unknown. Gearbox has also mentioned that the character is voiced by the YouTuber ProZD and his pets work differently than the only other pet class, Gaige the Mechromancer from Borderlands 2. Outside of that, fans continue to wait for his gameplay details on FL4K

Borderlands 3 launches September 13, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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