Borderlands 3: Where to Find the Rick and Morty Shotgun

bl3 rick and morty weapon

Borderlands 3 is out now, and Vault Hunters are combing the lands of Pandora and beyond for loot, loot, and more loot. One big piece of loot that has recently been revealed is that of a shotgun based on the popular TV show, Rick and Morty. Obviously, it has been slightly changed for legal reasons in Borderlands 3, but there's no doubt that this legendary shotgun, known as the Redundant Savvy Phebert, is tied to the show.

How to Find the Rick and Morty Weapon

To unlock this Rick and Morty shotgun, Borderlands 3 players will need to find and kill two characters named Wick and Warty. Not only are the names similar, but the faces of the characters are fitting enough. This may sound simple enough once players know where to find them, but getting the weapon from the two BL3 characters isn't a simple process.

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Wick and Warty will teleport around, meaning players will have to give chase to give them. The good news to that is they have an impressive loot pool and drop rate, so players are bound to get a few good weapons from them. The bad news is that there's no guaranteeing it's the Redundant Savvy Phebert. As many should expect, this will require some grinding per the Borderlands 3 loot system.

Where to Find Wick and Warty

Players will encounter the duo first during a sidequest appropriately titled Kill Wick and Warty, which is first picked up from Sanctuary. It requires players to be level 14, but these enemies can be scaled to level 45 in the Borderlands 3 endgame. They are located in the Lectra City portion of Promethea. Once they are found, beaten, and grinded enough, BL3 players will receive the legendary Hyperion shotgun.

rick and morty legendary shotgun borderlands 3

As a Hyperion weapon, this shotgun will produce a gunshield and has some solid damage output stats in Borderlands 3. It's by no means the fanciest weapon in the borderlands, but players who want to deal damage with Rick and Morty in mind, it's the perfect weapon.

Borderlands 3 is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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