Borderlands 3: Weapon Prefixes (And What They Do)

Several guns.

Borderlands 3 has a near-endless amount of weapons to find throughout the game world. Some of the best weapons are available early on in Borderlands 3, but they are never exactly the same. This is possible because there is a system that applies random prefixes with different effects to each weapon.

Guns can have multiple prefixes, and some of the effects drastically change how the gun will behave in combat. Knowing what each prefix means can help players know what to look out for. What follows is a complete list of weapon prefixes in Borderlands 3.

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These weapon prefixes were compiled by dedicated Borderlands fans on Reddit. More may be discovered over time, and will always be an asset to players looking to get the most out of their character builds in Borderlands 3.

Legendary weapons can be extremely rare in Borderlands 3, and they are also subject to weapon prefixes. Players should always be sure of what effects are present on the best weapons in their inventories.

The Conference Call shotgun.

Universal Weapon Prefixes

Prefixes can apply to any weapon, which means that some of the best weapons in Borderlands 3 can be even better with the right prefix. On any weapon, these prefixes will have the following effects: Triple causes armor penetration, Hazardous gives corrosive damage, Freezing gives cryo damage, Cloning causes the weapon to divide in two, Quad fires four shots, Stuffed improves splash, and both Burning and Searing cause incendiary damage.

Quickdraw increases accuracy, Dastardly increases crit damage, Disciplined increases DPS, Express raises rate of fire, Reflexive and Speedloadin’ both reduce reload speed, Bottomless and Unending give a larger magazine, Stabby improves melee, Decaying does radiation damage, and Tamed improves handling and recoil.

Some weapon prefixes only appear on guns made by specific manufacturers. For example, Mitosis causes grenades to split on Atlas guns, while Turbo boosts rate of fire for Tediore weapons. Other manufacturers have more possible prefixes, which are listed below. Grinding for good weapons will require knowledge of what each manufacturer provides.


Adapting fires two projectiles, Arctic does cryo damage, Daunting and High capacity increase magazine size, and Dauntless increases rate of fire. Relentless boosts DPS and lowers reload speed, Shocking does shock damage, Trained extends the magazine and increases accuracy, and Venomous does corrosive damage.


Auditing does cryo damage, Cash-infused does shock and boosts money drops, Defrauding deals corrosive, Holistic increases handling, Hostile boosts incendiary, Popular boosts magazine size and handling, Powerhouse boosts DPS and crits, Redundant fires two shots, Undermining does radiation, and Viral boosts DPS.


Dastardly and Wicked both boost DPS, Deadeye improves accuracy and zoom, and Trick boosts crits.


Binary doubles projectiles, Expert increases handling, Mocking increases DPS, and Stark improves fire rate.



Casual increases DPS, Cocky improves splash and accuracy, Double Penetrating fires two bullets, Gratifying extends the magazine and improves DPS, Itchy causes radiation, Nasty increases splash, Oozing does corrosive, Packin’ extends magazine size, and Shrinking does cryo.


Annexed fires two bullets for two ammo cost, Molten does incendiary damage, Negating fires two shots, Nuclear does radiation, Pestilent does corrosive, Resolute gives high DPS, vicious increases magazine size, and Otchky is still unknown.

New things are constantly being found in Borderlands 3, so it will be no surprise if the weapons prefix list continues to grow.

Borderlands 3 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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Source: Reddit

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