Borderlands 3: Which Dungeons and Dragons Classes Would the Vault Hunters Play?

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To the rest of the world, it's known as Dungeons and Dragons, but in the world of Borderlands 3, it's Bunkers and Badasses. The one benefit of figuring out what class which Vault Hunter would play is that, as opposed to simple required guesswork for MK11 characters' D&D characters, there's a version of D&D in the universe. This could easily mean that the BL3 Vault Hunters could/would actually play, and many players would likely welcome another D&D-inspired DLC like Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep.

Of course, the question remains of what they would play, so based upon what is known about each character and their abilities, here are what Flak the Beastmaster, Zane the Operative, Moze the Gunner, and Amara the Siren would likely play. There's obviously wiggle room, as every game of Dungeons & Dragons and even Borderlands 3 are completely different, but this is obviously a D&D 3.5 game anyone would want to sit in for.

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Flak the Beastmaster - Pixie Ranger

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Flak the Beastmaster may be the most popular character in Borderlands 3, and arguably, they're also one of the more powerful. Their pets allow for damage output and control, there's a BL3 Flak Boss Melter build, and a few pieces of gear that take their abilities to the next level. Because of all this, Flak the Beastmaster would likely see a Pixie Ranger as their best gameplay option.

As a ranger, Flak would receive a pet, likely meaning that Spiderants, Jabbers, and Skags are all viable in their Borderlands 3-oriented campaign setting. Pixie would also give them the ability to go invisible, easily bond with said pets, and hit enemies from afar in a technical and tactical way. Furthermore, if there's one thing Pixie players know, it's that the race can get OP quickly. The Pixie has a level adjustment of +4 in D&D 3.5, but even when that is enforced, it can still stand toe-to-toe with any other, much like Flak the Beastmaster.

Zane the Operative - Human Rogue

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Zane the Operative is a lot of things rolled into one, with a variety of skills ranging from combat to gadgets and everything in-between. It's also clear that the Operative enjoys his adult beverages, as he is seen enjoying one in the Borderlands 3 intro while his Digi-Clone deals with the various Borderlands 3 baddies. When combining skill-monkey like expertise with a deadly persona and a potential drinking problem, it's clear that Zane would play a rogue in D&D 3.5.

Furthermore, because of the way Zane approaches every situation, choosing Human seems like a simple choice for him. Because of the extra feat, the bonus skill points, and the wide-open Favored Class, this makes the most sense for Zane, as he could dip into whatever other classes he also wanted to check out. To perfect this D&D build, a Zane the Operative Human Rogue would at least need a Borderlands 3 version of the Ring of Mirror Image to summon his Digi-Clones.

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Moze the Gunner - Dwarven Fighter

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Moze the Gunner is gritty, in the moment, and ready for duty. She leaves an impression wherever she goes, and doesn't really entertain the idea that she cares what others think. Her attitude in D&D form fits that of a robust Dwarf, and her multi-approach, heat-of-the-moment combat style is befitting of a Fighter. As a Dwarf Fighter, it would make sense for Moze to prestige into a Dwarven Defender at some point, which makes sense given a tank-oriented Moze the Gunner build in Borderlands 3.

On top of that, Fighter is one of the easiest D&D classes, and Moze seems to want to keep it simple. She seems like the type of player who would always talk about trying new things and exploring more extravagant, flavor-oriented builds, but at the end of the day, all she wants to do is fight stuff, which is a great philosophy in both Dungeons & Dragons and Borderlands 3.

Amara the Siren - Thri-Keen Barbarian

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Speaking of fighting stuff, Amara the Siren may be the only character to outperform Moze in terms of melee performance. Because of this, it would make sense for Amara to take the arguably better melee-oriented class: the Barbarian. Her rage gives her a unique buff and would keep her up there with damage output, but unlike Moze, Amara would likely want some flavor with her BL3 D&D character.

To do so and befitting of her various arms, Amara would likely play a Thri-keen, a ravaging race of Insectoid warriors with 4 arms. What this means is that Amara could quickly turn into a headache for the DM in the same manner that her various elemental and melee oriented abilities become headaches for the COV in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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