Borderlands 3: Unlimited Eridium Farm for the Early Game

Eridium is a returning currency from Borderlands 2 that players are chasing after in Borderlands 3. This rare metal has a couple uses, but it is mainly used to trade with Crazy Earl in the depths of Sanctuary 3.

Thanks to Crazy Earl, players can spend their hard-earned Eridium on cosmetics or even anointed gear that is usually reserved for high-level play or the new Mayhem Mode in Borderlands 3. Usually Eridium is somewhat hard to come by, but thanks to a recently discovered exploitable farming route, players can quickly earn Eridium shortly after starting the game.

To start farming Eridium quickly, players will want to start in The Droughts, right where Borderlands 3 players first enter the area, and head northwest until they reach the spawn point for the Hammerlock Legendary Hunt target Lavender Crawly. The objective here is to kill Crawly (and her many, many offspring) as quickly as possible.

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Once players have defeated Lavender Crawly, she will cocoon herself and out of the pod will spawn more, smaller Crawly offspring. This process repeats until all the Crawlys are defeated. What makes this such a good Eridium farm is that each of the Crawlys drop Eridium, so defeating several of them will net the player approximately 10 Eridium per run.

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While this may not net a ton of Eridium per run, it does add up. It also helps that the Crawly family is set to the area's level, meaning that they will always be around Level 8. If players are doing this later on in the game, then this farm will be trivial. If players are taking on this task early in a playthrough, it will also help net the player plenty of XP early on. The Crawlys also do net a surprising amount of legendary gear, which can be further increased in Mayhem Mode. While this glitch isn't the best legendary farm in Borderlands 3, early on it will definitely help get players off the ground.

Overall, players should definitely seek out the Crawly family early on to get some powerful early-game weapons in Borderlands 3 and a good amount of Eridium to start the game. If players can snag an anointed weapon from Crazy Earl, they can really make a strong build around whatever action skill is buffed by the weapon, meaning that players can really steamroll early bosses if the build is right. Hopefully this exploit isn't patched, because it really is very helpful early on in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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