Borderlands 3 Trailer Highlights Moze The Gunner and Iron Bear

borderlands 3 moze iron bear trailer

Over the next couple weeks, Gearbox Software will release trailers for each of the new Vault Hunters coming to Borderlands 3 this fall. Last week, fans got a new trailer highlighting Zane the Operative, and this week is all about Moze the Gunner. This new trailer showcases Moze and her BFF the Iron Bear mech, as well as a little bit of backstory for this new Vault Hunter that players will get to play as next month.

Prior to this trailer, all Borderlands 3 fans knew about Moze was that she had prior connections to the Vladof corporation and that is where she trained and acquired the Iron Bear mech. Now thanks to this new trailer, players now know a bit more about Borderlands 3's rugged soldier. Moze and her squad were deployed to Darzaron Bay for what was supposed to be Moze's last mission, and afterward she would be able to leave and take her Iron Bear mech home with her. But after the bloodbath that ensued, Moze was the last one left standing out of the whole squad. Together, Moze and Iron Bear began wandering the solar system with only each other as company.

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The trailer also showed off some of the Iron Bear's abilities that will be in Moze's skill trees. One shot of Moze and Iron Bear around a campfire showcased the flamethrower ability that can be equipped to Iron Bear for devastating effect against non-shielded enemies. Other skills shown include the Rocket Pod skill and Auto Bear skill. Iron Bear is very customizable, which seems to be a trend for all characters in Borderlands 3, and the trailer does a good job of showing several different Iron Bear mechs each with some varied weaponry attached.

Next week players will get to see either Amara or FL4K featured in a similar style of trailer, though since FL4K gameplay has yet to be shown, there is a good chance Amara will be the next featured character. While these trailers are not as colorful and crazy as the Borderlands 3 co-op gameplay trailer, the character trailers let players get a good feel for the personality of the Vault Hunters to hopefully make choosing a character a little easier. Hopefully when the FL4K character trailer drops Gearbox will also release some more gameplay details about this mysterious robot beastmaster.

Borderlands 3 launches September 13th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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