Borderlands 3 Season Pass Detailed

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Just two days remain until Borderlands 3 launches and brings an end to the long five years fans have waited for the series to return. With its launch will come dozens of hours of fresh content, including a roughly 35-hour campaign. But Gearbox won't stop there. More content will be added to the game in the coming months, and players will be able to get easy access to it with the Borderlands 3 Season Pass.

When it comes to the Borderlands series, content is the name of the game. In a franchise known for being about the quantity of its content as much as the quality, the amount of it is always of importance. The Season Pass certainly won't skimp on the post-launch DLC, though getting it won’t come cheap. At the moment, it's only available by buying either Borderlands 3's $99.99 Super Deluxe Edition or its $249.99 GameStop-exclusive Collector's Edition. An official season pass price has yet to be listed if players purchase it separately, but it will likely be in the $40 range.

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In exchange for all that money, the Pass will guarantee access to four DLC campaigns that will expand on the game’s world and lore with "new stories, missions and challenges." There are no exact release dates for any of these campaign packs just yet, but Gearbox assures that all of the Season Pass' content will be available by September 2020.

Borderlands 3

In addition to the campaign packs, Season Pass holders will also receive a bonus pack of cosmetic items, classily named the Butt Stallion pack. This will consist of a new weapon skin, a new weapon trinket, and a new grenade mod. These should make for fun options for those eager to make use of Borderlands 3's cosmetics.

With all of that, players will have plenty to look forward to once they're taken on all of the story, side-quest, and end-game content the base game will have to offer this week. And from the look of things, they'll most likely have a good time getting there, as the general consensus from early reviews of Borderlands 3 is that the game is an overall worthy addition to the series. It might not reinvent the looter-shooter wheel enough for some players' taste, but for those who simply want more Borderlands, it easily fits the bill.

Borderlands 3 comes out on September 13 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Google Stadia version to follow.

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