Borderlands 3: How to Rocket Jump

borderlands 3 rocket jump

In Borderlands 2, it was not uncommon for players to use a technique called rocket jumping to make seemingly impossible leaps and improve their ability to quickly traverse a map. Some wondered if rocket jumping would find its way into Borderlands 3, and less than a week after BL3's release date, players have already discovered that it is indeed possible to rocket jump in BL3. While there is certainly room for Borderlands 3 rocket jumps to be refined, this guide will cover the method that is known at this time.

For full clarity, a rocket jump in Borderlands 3 is using a rocket launcher to gain an additional vertical boost. Such a boost can be used to bypass certain portions of a BL3 map, which may ultimately allow players to reach bosses and specific locations more easily. While these types of skips have yet to be identified, knowing how to rocket boost in Borderlands 3 is the first part of the process.

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How to Rocket Jump in Borderlands 3

Thus far, one Borderlands 3 rocket launcher has been identified that can facilitate rocket jumping: the Ruby's Wrath. This legendary Borderlands 3 weapon fires seven pellets, which is sufficient when attempting to perform a rocket jump, though it is possible that players will locate a better option in the future. Unfortunately, a guaranteed method for obtaining the Ruby's Wrath is not currently known, but players interested in rocket jumping should be on the lookout as they are farming for legendaries in BL3.

To note, players should be a higher level than their Ruby's Wrath when attempting to rocket jump in Borderlands 3. This will prevent them from taking too much damage from the rocket launcher when using its projectiles to obtain a vertical boost.

Once that criteria is met, the method for rocket jumping in BL3 is simple. Players should simply face their backs towards where they are attempting to rocket jump to, fire their Ruby's Wrath directly at the ground beneath them, and jump backwards. With a bit of practice, this should allow Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters to reach heights unattainable without rocket jumping.

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For players that do not have access to a Ruby's Wrath, but may have a friend that does, weapon duping in Borderlands 3 is always an option to consider. That said, players that focus on farming legendaries in BL3 are likely to come across a launcher that can support rocket jumping at some point, but they may need to exercise some patience.

Borderlands 3 is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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