Why Didn't Troy Baker Work On Borderlands 3?

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After a seven year wait, Gearbox Software has finally returned to the world of Borderlands with its third installment in the long running looter shooter. Borderlands 3 advances the story line forward and introduces a lot of quality of life updates while also managing to stay true to what people love about the series as a whole. New and old characters converge in Borderlands 3 including a few from Telltale's spin-off series, Tales from the Borderlands. However, for one character in particular, the process for transitioning them into the mainline series has been marred with controversy.

The back and forth between Rhys Strongfork voice actor Troy Baker and Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford has been well documented regarding the controversial voice change for the character in Borderlands 3. The incident was given new life recently as Baker was asked about the specifics at a fan event for his Retro Replay series on YouTube.

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According to Baker, Gearbox approached him about reprising the role of Rhys in Borderlands 3, to which he was all in on. There was an understanding that the Tales characters would be making their way into Borderlands 3, so the cast was seemingly expecting to hear from the studio. However, after agreeing to voice the character again, Baker hints that the studio made it impossible for him to actually do the role. According to him, Gearbox essentially refused to go union with it, and considering Baker isn't able to do a non-union job, he was basically frozen out of the role. That essentially paved the way for Gearbox to bring in Ray Chase to take over the role.

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Ultimately, Baker says he's no longer mad about what went down as the character is fairly different from how he's portrayed in Tales from the Borderlands, but the notable voice actor did admit it still stings. The dispute between both sides went public fairly quickly following Baker discovering the character's inclusion along with everyone else in the PAX East 2019 debut trailer. After expressing his disappointment, Randy Pitchford shot back insinuating that Baker turned down the offer to which the latter then replied that Pitchford should fact check before Tweeting out to the internet.

At this point, Gearbox has yet to respond to the latest revelation, though with the amount of legal troubles Pitchford currently finds himself in, the Twitter response that many assume is on the way may not be coming at all.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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