Borderlands 3 Reveal Trailer Breakdown: The Biggest Details, Hints, and Secrets

borderlands 3 reveal trailer breakdown children of the vault calypso

If fans were overloaded by the amount of detail in the Mayhem trailer, then they are sure to be blown away by the official Borderlands 3 reveal trailer. Running nearly four minutes long, there are so many hints and clues packed into this trailer that fans are having a field day processing it all. From new clues about the new vault hunters to details about the possible new villains in the highly anticipated sequel, there are a lot of things to unpack.

The New Villains

borderlands 3 trailer breakdown calypso tyreen troy

If the recent Borderlands 3 story leaks are to be believed, then the Calypso siblings are the main antagonists for Borderlands 3. The Calypso duo, Tyreen and Troy, seem to be the heads of the Children of the Vault. While at first glance there may be a few signs for the Children of the Vault in the trailer, a closer inspection reveals Children of the Vault everywhere throughout what seems to be Pandora. In the time after Borderlands 2, it seems that the Calypsos have taken over the wastelands and made themselves known.

What is more interesting is that Tyreen Calypso appears to be a Siren, making her an incredibly powerful and influential foe to square off against. In one of the quick-cuts, Tyreen can be seen wielding what could be her Siren powers, though the shot is easy to miss.

While Borderlands lore dictates that Sirens can only be female, it seems that Troy's close connection to his sister may have given him some semblance of Siren ability, as he has similar Siren tattoos along his face - though they are red. He's also equipped with a massive robotic arm, which is sure to pack a punch at close-range. It's also worth noting that the Borderlands 3 Mask of Mayhem trailer also placed the Calypsos at the top of the mask, making them the focal point and the first thing fans were introduced to in the collage.

Getting to Know the New Vault Hunters

borderlands 3 reveal trailer breakdown moze mech

A new Borderlands game means new Vault Hunters to explore the world with. While some of Borderlands 3's new character class details leaked before the big reveal, the trailer did give some solid information about the four new heroes.

First up on the list is the new siren, Amara. It seems that at least some of her abilities will be melee focused, but she will also have a phase lock to keep enemies in place. An interesting ground-pound ability can also be seen in the trailer. Zane is known as the Operative, and is currently the one that is the most mysterious. The trailer showed off his hologram duplicate ability, but that was it.

One of the most interesting Vault Hunters has to be Flak, the Beastmaster. He can control different pets, each with their own unique abilities. If the reveal trailer is to be believed, then he can summon a Skag, a Spiderant, and what appears to be a modified Bullymong that has a robot arm. Last on the list is Moze, who can call down a mech to control. What's great about her ability is that other players can hop on the back to control a mounted turret in co-op play.

Welcome Back to Pandora (and Beyond?)

borderlands 3 reveal trailer breakdown city skyline

Previously, the Borderlands games took place primarily on Pandora (with a side-venture to the moon of Elpis). However, it seems that Borderlands 3 will feature more planets. One key title card in the reveal trailer stated "Explore the Worlds" hinting at more than one world in the game.

Several landscapes are shown in the trailer, including a beautiful city skyline, a murky and dangerous swamp, and of course, the iconic Pandora wastelands that fans have come to love. Fans wanting to re-familiarize themselves with Pandora will want to pick up Borderlands Game of the Year Edition when it launches next week.

New and Returning Faces

borderlands 3 trailer breakdown brick saxophone solo

Lots of familiar faces can be seen in the reveal trailer. Series staples like Moxxi and Tannis make their return, and many of the previous Vault Hunters are back as well. Ellie is also back in all her glory. Brick, Mordecai, and Lilith return, though in one shot in the trailer, Lilith is seen without her iconic Siren tattoos, possibly adding some validity to the rumors of Troy's abilities in Borderlands 3. Borderlands 2's Tiny Tina is also back with a brand new look to really emphasize the time-jump after BL2. 

Some of the Vault Hunters from Borderlands 2 are also present in the trailer. Maya can be seen hanging out with an unknown new character, while Zer0 is buddying up with Rhys from Tales from the Borderlands. Sir and Lady Hammerlock also make a brief appearance in the trailer, too. Players looking to run through the Handsome Jack collection to refresh their memory will be happy to know that Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is getting a free 4K texture update on April 3.

New Enemies to Shoot

borderlands 3 reveal trailer breakdown maliwan soldier robot mech

One of the hardest things to keep track of in the trailer is the sheer number of new and returning enemies that players will face. While it seems like the iconic bandits will be making a return, there are a ton of new enemies to take down.

In the swamp-looking area, there is a giant T-Rex looking enemy that can apparently breathe fire. There are also some creepy monkey-like creatures hanging from a nearby pole. There have been a lot of reveals about Borderlands 3 so far in just the two trailers, but one thing we do not know for certain yet is how many different enemy races there are. Players will likely encounter plenty of familiar enemies from past installments as well, so players should get ready for that. From big sawblade-spitting mechs to female bandits, Borderlands 3 seems to have it all.

One of the most interesting enemies in the trailer has to be the really snazzy robot soldiers. They look cool at first glance, but zooming in on the chest piece of the robot will reveal the Maliwan name and logo. While it's not confirmed that they are truly enemies, these hefty robots look like they mean business. With Hyperion potentially out of the way, there must be a new manufacturer that is stepping up as the bad guy. Players will likely face these guys in the futuristic city shown in the trailer, but players will have to wait until Borderlands 3's release date to find out.

New Guns to Loot

borderlands 3 reveal trailer breakdown gun with legs

Borderlands has a great story and all, but it's safe to say most players are in it for the loot. The reveal trailer claimed that there will be over one billion guns (including a gun with legs) so players have plenty of loot to look forward to on that front.

Some weapons in the Borderlands universe can talk, so maybe one of them is voiced by Ice-T in Borderlands 3. There are a lot of quick cuts in the trailer that show off a plethora of guns, each one looking more epic than the last. If someone blinked, they would likely miss the reveal that laser weapons are back, which is sure to be exciting to some players. Some legendary weapons are also shown, including one that can shoot big corrosive orbs. Needless to say, the king of looter-shooters is aiming to be back in full force.

The Borderlands 3 reveal trailer was jam-packed with small details that people could easily miss if they were not paying close attention. If fans were excited for Borderlands 3 before the reveal, then the trailer has only amplified that excitement tenfold. Hopefully when the official release date is revealed it will show that fans won't have much longer to wait to get their hands on the next Borderlands game.

Borderlands 3 is currently in development for unspecified platforms.

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