Borderlands 3: How to Get the Best Legendary Weapon for FL4K

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There are a lot of weapons in Borderlands 3, but obviously some are better than others. Many of the best in the game are Legendary weapons, which can be hard to come by. One such weapon is the Queen's Call. It is widely regarded as the best weapon for FL4K, and we'll tell you how to aquire it.

For FL4K players, this weapon is a must have. The Queen's Call is a Legendary pistol manufactured by Jakobs that has an incredible perk. When firing off rounds, critical hits return 3 bullets to the magazine and ricochet 3 bullets at the nearest enemy. Combined with a Critical Hit-focused build on FL4K and the use of their Fade Away action skill, players will never run out of ammo and deal massive damage to a single target. It can absolutely shred Borderlands 3 bosses and it looks pretty cool to boot.

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This is an endgame item, so don't expect to add this weapon to your arsenal before playing through the game. Actually getting Queen's Call is rather simple. It requires players take down the final boss, Tyreen the Destroyer. The Queen's Call is a rare drop, so it is really just a matter of luck. That luck can be tilted in your favor by cranking up the Mayhem level, with level 3 increasing the odds the most but also cranks the difficulty significantly. Thankfully, the game makes it easy to farm bosses fast for loot.

It's also worth mentioning that there is an alternate version of the weapon called King's Call. Both Queen's Call and King's Call have the same intrinsic perk so it doesn't matter which one Borderlands 3 players get. Both weapons can do massive damage and reduce a boss to dust in seconds.

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While adding new, powerful weapons to the collection, don't disregard grenades. They're an important part of combat and come in handy often. We aren't talking about any old grenades, of course, but ones that can doll out massive damage. The Porcelain Pipe Bomb has reigned surpreme in that regard. It is an unsuspecting rare level item that is very effective -- too effective, in fact, and is very likely receiving a nerf soon. For those who want the best grenade in Borderlands 3 that will stand the test of time, Storm Front will be the one to seek out.

This grenade can be paired with Queen's Call to make FL4K players a force to be reckoned with. A character is nothing without a good build, however. Whether it's solo or co-op it is wise to follow a reliable FL4K build guide so the character can be at his best. Once the build is complete and FL4K is well-equipped, he will be unstoppable.

Borderlands 3 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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