How to Power Level in Borderlands 3

Although Borderlands 3 has not been out for a full week, there are already plenty of players at max level and working their way through the True Vault Hunter Mode. Some are farming legendary weapons while others are trying to perfect their builds, and some are trying to get other classes up to max level as quickly as possible.

For fast leveling, one of the best things that Borderlands 3 players can do is power level. Unlike regular leveling, which only requires completing missions and going at one’s own pace, power leveling is meant to get the player from 0 to max level 50 as quickly as possible.

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Power leveling in Borderlands 3 is fairly easy thanks to the game’s coopetition option. With this option, co-op teammates have to fight for every piece of loot that drops and the game does not scale to accommodate each player’s level. What this means is that a player at level 1 who enters a friend at level 50’s game will see level 50 or 51 enemies.

For the low level player, it will be impossible to do any damage to the high level enemies, or do anything at all really. But the level 50 player can kill enemies and both teammates will get the XP and level up fast in Borderlands 3. This XP will be only a small chunk for the high level player but for the low level player it will be a huge boost. Every kill will help them jump through levels very quickly.

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Admittedly, this approach is not going to be much fun for the low level Borderlands 3 player, and the level 50 player will have to do all of the work. But that’s the key to power leveling – it’s not glamorous but it gets the job done.

With a patient friend or co-op teammate, Borderlands 3 players will be able to fly through the starter levels quickly and get to level 50 in no time. Then they can switch and the other player can start up a new class and get to 50 with their teammate doing all of the work. There are four distinct classes in Borderlands 3 and they all have cool action skills and builds to play around with.

Borderlands 3 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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